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Russ Kathrein


Panel Discussion: Building the Next Generation of LBM Leaders
One of the key issues of our time, and one of the most important responsibilities of a leader today, is to plan and implement the development of our industry’s next generation of leaders. Russ Kathrein will address some of the important challenges of identifying and coaching next-gen leaders for your organization, with insights on preparing them for success as a leader in the ever-changing LBM industry. How have things changed since we came up through the ranks? What areas should we consider evolving in our organizations in order to appeal to more young employee candidates? What kind of training and developmental process do we need in the beginning and later in their career? For the second half of the session, he’ll welcome four young LBM pros to the stage for an open discussion on attracting and motivating others like them, and coaching them on their path as tomorrow’s leaders.

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