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LMC Components division to partner with Hundegger U.S.A.

Hundegger U.S.A. is the United States branch of Hans Hundegger AG headquartered in Charleston, UT providing United States manufacturers with the high quality and innovative equipment known globally. Hundegger U.S.A. is rooted in the customer service experience through their support, training and quality products which made them a top choice as a supplier partner for LMC Components division.

Hundegger’s automation, in conjunction with their tried-and-true mechanization, assists component manufacturers and all offsite construction industries, allowing them to stay competitive and nimble in their marketplaces by adding precision and flexibility to their production process.

LMC Components division has continued to push toward our vision and goal of becoming the top building material cooperative for component manufacturers. In addition to other product category expansions LMC Components team is teaming up with top industry suppliers to provide truss equipment programs.

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All equipment manufactured by Hundegger U.S.A is available through a discounted program with LMC Components Team. LMC Components manager Rachel Hoops spent time researching and working with Hundegger U.S.A. senior leadership understanding the value proposition of their equipment. “Hundegger U.S.A. provides high quality equipment that is agnostic. We feel that this provides a unique opportunity to service all LMC component manufacturers.” Amongst other products Hundegger U.S.A. boasts several iterations of saws that we feel will have universal appeal across all offsite manufacturers.

In addition to discounts on equipment LMC members have the option to lock into discounted annual service rates. Attached are some high-level promotional information about some of the equipment available from Hundegger U.S.A.

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