LMC dealers gather for fall Expo

LMC dealers gathered for the annual Expo in Philadelphia Nov. 20-21.

Wayne, Penn. – LMC dealers gathered at the LMC Expo in Philadelphia on November 20-21 to gain insight, analyze the state of industry, and plan their purchasing strategies for the upcoming year. The event allows LMC dealers to tap into the latest market intelligence from all those attending to ensure they are ready to adapt to the ever changing market conditions in 2020, LMC announced in a press release.

“Whenever we get an opportunity to get in front of our dealers face-to-face and network in this kind of environment good things happen for everybody,” said Andy Toombs, LMC senior VP, purchasing. “It’s very intimate, very casual. It gives our members the opportunity come and make changes or additions to their current programs depending on what’s going on in the market. For others, it’s a discovery process. We have new dealers here who may not have done this before. So we have LMC staff interacting with the members and suppliers to help guide them through the process.”

The event kicked off Wednesday with the Component Alliance Meeting. This meeting, which included roundtables, is geared towards LMC dealers involved in the manufacturing of roof and floor trusses as well as wall panels.

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“These roundtable discussions are extremely important to us, we learn from others who face some of the same battles we do,” said Dave Hoglund VP of purchasing at Builders in Lincoln, Neb. “It’s perfect for sharing ideas and best practices.”

On Thursday, the morning kicked off with the 2020 Forest Products Industry Outlook Supplier Forum. This forum featured key industry experts discussing their outlook for the upcoming year and provides LMC dealers the knowledge to create action plans and purchasing strategies for 2020.

Mike Almond, GM of North American sales at Canfor said wildfires and insect infestation in Western Canada has drastically reduced overall supplies. “Domestically, in North America, there isn’t enough supply there to replace what we’ve had to curtail in Western Canada,” says Almond. “Diversification is very important. Forestry is one of those businesses where you are managing timber on a 75 to 80 year life cycle. You have to plan for these things.”

Doug Asano, VP of sales and marketing at Huber Engineered Woods agreed that shifting strategies will be necessary in the upcoming year. “There have been some curtailments in supply, but we think there is potential for inflationary pressure and it all depends on demand.”

Following the Forest Products Forum, LMC Dealers hit the EXPO floor where they were greeted by their LMC team and core supplier partners. LMC said it was a perfect time for dealers to make new connections, say ‘hello’ to old friends, and solidify new business partnerships and contracts for 2020.

“For me, it makes my life so much simpler,” said Cindy Fleming, commodity manager at Morton Buildings in Illinois. “I can come to one location and I can meet with every single supplier, all the mills, everybody’s here and it’s great to build the partnerships and get to know the people”

Other dealers said the LMC EXPO is where you need to be in order to stay one step ahead.

“It’s the information that we receive from the suppliers and from LMC,” said Glenn Maki of Maki Building Centers in Massachusetts. “Also, the collaboration we have here with the other members; it’s very important that we stay in step with what’s happening in the marketplace and that’s why we come to the EXPO.”

The final day of the EXPO featured Robert D. Dietz, PhD., chief economist for the NAHB. Dietz shared valuable insight on the economy for 2020 and its potential impact on the building industry.

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