LMC Forest Products Building Materials EXPO 2014

Wayne, PA – LMC Dealers from around the country made their way to Philadelphia November 11th & 12th for LMC’s Forest Products & Building Materials EXPO.  A highlight of the event was the breakfast speaker, NAHB President, Jerry Howard and the Forest Products Supplier Forum. Everyone is anticipating what the housing market will be like in 2015.

John Somerville, LMC President and CEO and Jerry Howard, CEO of the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB).

Discussions about the trends impacting housing forecasts and forest product supply for 2015 included consumer confidence, pinch points in the supply chain to ramp up capacity, and trucking and rail issues. That’s not say that student debts, lack of labor, and difficulty accessing financing aren’t all having their impact. Yet, housing starts are projected upwards.

Supply may be a challenge in 2015. Mills were quick to point out the solid relationship with LMC Dealers going back a number of years. Their first call is to top accounts – and that’s LMC. The message for 2015, stronger relationships will be key. That message was echoed by an insider in the trucking universe who spoke on their issues. The difference between ‘relational shippers’ vs ‘transactional shippers’ was brought to light. Again, relationships become more important.

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Jerry Howard, CEO of the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) spoke to a packed room of LMC dealers interested to hear the home builders take on this market. Jerry provided insights such as the biggest thing home builders want from suppliers is consistency – consistency of product availability, quality, and price. He also noted that the “Recession took us for a loop” and “those who survived the recession were the most adaptable”.

Throughout LMC’s EXPO there was a feeling that next year will see growth. It won’t be without challenges, but the trajectory is decidedly upward for 2015.

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