Lonza Acquires Zelam

WolmanizedLonza (parent company of Arch Wood Protection, which supplies the preservatives that are used in Wolmanized Wood) has acquired Zelam a research-focused chemical company based in New Zealand (NZ) which develops and manufactures products for crop protection, specializing in fungicides, insecticides, herbicides, foliar nutrients, and additives. Zealam also develops and manufactures products for wood preservation. This New Zealand based company has facilities based in New Plymouth, NZ as well as Australia and the USA, and has 45 highly skilled employees with strong industry experience.

So what does this mean for Arch Wood Protection Inc. customers?

Acquiring Zelam strengthens Arch Wood Protection Inc.’s R&D capabilities and gives us access to new products, including moldi cides and engineered wood products. This acquisition increases our knowledge base in key areas, and improves our access to technology and skilled personnel. For more than 25 years, Zelam has researched and developed smart products that meet specific needs of the agrochemical and timber treatment markets. Zelam has a reputation for responding quickly with first rate research, testing, product development and enhancements, and their manufacturing facilities are world class. They will make a wonderful addition to Lonza, and will increase and enhance Arch Wood Protection Inc.’s offerings.

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Source: Lonza