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LBM Journal Dealer of the Year 2023

From the Editor James Anderson Great Place to WorkSince 2005, LBM Journal has honored a number of LBM dealers each year who stand out in their respective revenue categories. When I started here back in 2015, the program was known as Entrepreneurs of the Year, but it turned out a bigger company with busier lawyers already used that term and politely asked that we change ours. We did, and since then it has been called Dealers of the Year. The same criteria have applied since the program began: We want to recognize and celebrate lumber and building material dealers who are succeeding in their markets in innovative and interesting ways.

Our 2023 Dealer of the Year program is now accepting company entries and/or nominations at LBMJournal.com/Dealers

Starting with the January issue and continuing through April next year, we’ll feature the 2023 Dealers of the Year, selected from entries from around the country. As we do each month, we’ll aim to provide an inside look at what makes these businesses successful, and share some of what they’re doing in hopes that it can improve your business as well.

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Since it was launched in 2005, LBM Journal’s annual awards program has honored 52 LBM dealers who have demonstrated an entrepreneurial spirit that drives their employees, companies, customers, and communities forward.

There is no cost to participate, and the 2023 LBM Journal Dealers of the Year will be honored in the first four issues of the magazine next year, as well as on lbmjournal.com, and throughout our email network and social media communities.

They’ll also be recognized at the 2023 LBM Strategies Conference in Charlotte, North Carolina. Winners will receive a custom certificate of recognition for display, a Dealer of the Year logo to use in marketing, social media, etc., and a press release to send to local media to share the news.

If you have any questions, or if you would prefer to make your entry/nomination via email rather than the online form, please let me know at james@lbmjournal.com. Nominations are due by October 24. Winners will be announced in our January 2023 issue.

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