LP Legacy’s ‘Tested Extreme’ marketing campaign wins awards

NASHVILLE —  The “Tested Extreme” campaign created to promote LP Legacy, a new engineered sub-floor, has won  several awards: most notably two Telly Awards, an honor amongst advertising professionals, as well as a NW Marketing Award. The launch of LP Legacy into the competitive marketplace has been an all-around success with sales for the first year after launch exceeding LP’s aggressive goal by 6%, which the  company  partly  attributes to the innovative marketing approach.

“We wanted to challenge the status quo of how advertising is done in our industry and raise the bar,” says LP Business Marketing Manager Lorraine Russ. “It’s safe to say that we succeeded. Winning three creative awards is a tremendous positive surprise. By showcasing our brand’s performance in the toughest imaginable conditions, we have established the trust and consideration of our customers, and our sales figures show that they are responding.”

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The campaign was designed to stand out by showcasing an innovative product demonstration that proves performance by exposing the product to an environment far more extreme than on a typical jobsite. The execution included two scenarios: In the first expedition the panel was dropped 70 feet over a series of waterfalls and left in the rushing river for 24 hours; in the second test, professional mountain bikers constructed a ramp of LP Legacy panels in the rainforest and jumped 20 feet from ramp to ramp repeatedly under wet and muddy conditions.

The Telly Awards annually showcase the best work created nationally within television and across video. “Tested Extreme” won a Silver Telly Award in the Online Commercials- Campaign-Business- to-Business category, and a Bronze Telly Award in the Online Commercials-Campaign- Promotional category. The campaign also won a Northwest Marketing Bronze Award for Print Advertising.

“Being recognized for this campaign is a great honor for us,” says Heather Crunchie, Principal of HighViz Strategy, the Portland-based agency that created and executed the “Tested Extreme” concept. “Above all, it was terrific to be able to work with a company that truly stands behind its products and is willing to put it to the test under these extreme conditions.”

Explore the award winning campaign: www.testedextreme.com.


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