LuxWalk Underlayment

LuxWalk® + LVT = synergy underfoot

luxwalk underlaymentLuxWalk®, a new high-performing underlayment engineered specifically to cushion floating or glue-down Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) and to effectively soothe impact sound and floor to ceiling noise, delivers impressive numbers in IIC and STC tests. In a recent IIC test, designed to measure, in a laboratory environment, the impact sound transmission performance of LuxWalk installed under 5mm floating luxury vinyl tile over 6” concrete with no ceiling, the assembly achieved an excellent sound rating of 52, appreciably higher that the rating of 50 that the IBC (International Building Code) suggests.

And in a recent STC test which evaluated the ability of LuxWalk installed under 5 mm floating luxury vinyl tile with no ceiling, the assembly achieved the same outstanding 52.

With thinner LVT, the numbers are higher yet: in the IIC test 4.2 mm luxury vinyl planks installed over LuxWalk and 6” concrete with a suspended ceiling achieved a noteworthy sound rating of 72. And in the STC test, 4.2 mm luxury vinyl planks over LuxWalk and 6” concrete with suspended ceiling achieved a wow-worthy rating of 66.

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LuxWalk adds the right amount of cushioning under LVT, which can otherwise easily compress to the base when pressure is applied, and minimizes impressions and indentations that can occur in the finished floor.

Available in 3’ x 66’8” rolls.

Learn More:, 888-379-9695.

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