Match the longevity of today’s composite decking, offer steel deck framing


One of the many allures of today’s composite and PVC decking is that it emulates the natural wood grain aesthetic and richness that standard wood deck boards provide, but lacks the propensity to warp, crack or deteriorate over time. Because it’s incredibly resilient, it will stand strong and look beautiful underfoot for several decades.

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Since leading brands offer wood-alternative decking products that are engineered to last 25 years or more, today’s homeowners are requesting enduring framing materials that can match the longevity of their surface boards. After all, why would they commission a new deck on a wood frame that rots?

A lasting deck framing solution, framing with steel will eliminate issues associated with moisture absorption, one of the most common reasons wood frame decks begin to show signs of decomposition. In fact, steel is resistant to most tangible threats, including rot and decay, fungi, pests (such as termites) and weathering. In application, this means steel frame profiles will remain straight and true over time. This makes for a dimensionally stable deck framing solution that keeps surface boards flat and smooth underneath your feet.


Not only does steel framing offer long lasting support for today’s composite and PVC deck boards, but it also offers today’s in-demand rustic, industrial look. To preserve their beauty, steel profiles are dressed in a premium powder coating. This drastically increases the lifespan of the steel framing system, ensuring the deck assembly can hold up to daily wear and tear even in harsh climates.

With more attention being paid to the total deck system, the channel can boost reputations by ensuring a long-lasting outdoor living space from top to bottom. Meet the moment by stocking Evolution steel deck framing from Fortress Building Products. Designed to last for 25 years or more, the intuitive system holds the potential to meet homeowners’ heightened expectations, while driving sales in the process.

Key features of Evolution steel deck framing include:

  • Steel is a noncombustible material, resistant to fire and invulnerable to rotting, warping, splitting and pesky insect damage
  • Designed for minimal maintenance, longevity, durability and safety
  • Provides a safe, complete framing system – including stair framing
  • Resistant to most tangible threats, including rot and decay, fungi, pests (such as termites) and weathering
  • Installs just like wood – even on curves
  • Builds flat, stays flat
  • Works with any type or brand of decking, including composite, PVC, aluminum, tile, wood and tropical hardwoods for increased design flexibility
  • Carries a 25-year limited manufacturer warranty

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