Mattingly Lumber & Millwork relies on integrated software programs from MiTek

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Relying on MiTek’s SAPPHIRE Structure, along with production and office management modules, allows Mattingly Lumber & Millwork to cut more than 70% of their manufacturing process times, and save countless input hours.

MiTek software means less time wasted, efficient processes and high production for Mattingly Lumber. “It makes my life very easy, as far as truss design goes, especially when you have this amount of work coming through here,” said Greg Brueggeman, who designs roof trusses, floor systems, and wall panels for Mattingly Lumber. “It helps push that work through faster than what it would normally take.”

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Founded in 1993, Mattingly Lumber has grown to over 22 acres and 100,000 square feet of covered storage at their Illinois-based manufacturing facility. The facility has a high production output and strives for 24-hour turnarounds on projects, depending on modern technology and streamlined manufacturing processes that are made possible thanks to MiTek’s SAPPHIRE™ Structure, plus production and office management modules.

Despite being a high production plant, Mattingly Lumber was bogged down with slow processes across various departments. After implementing MiTek software, many of those inefficient processes were simplified and corrected. “MiTek software let us really cut down on time that we spend as far as printing out paperwork for the shop,” said Brueggeman. “It cut our time by nearly 70% or more, just by a couple changes.”

“SAPPHIRE™ Structure saves countless hours sometimes as far as input. A lot of times we use the 3D option also. We can send that to our customers if they have a complex roof. They can see what it’s going to look like, give them an idea what they’re going to be getting when we design it, and we can make changes,” said Brueggeman, Designer for Mattingly Lumber. “It’s very dependable, and it’s very easy to train people on also.”

Mattingly Lumber also utilizes MiTek’s production and office management modules to generate data, inventory models and scheduling information, and to support reporting, tracking and scheduling production activates going on in the plant. The modules even drive a computerized saw, Cyber AT, allowing for almost 6,000 boards to be cut per day with near-perfect accuracy.

“MiTek is the industry leader with one software program that helps us put the whole package together from the ground all the way to the roof. The production and office management modules work together so our schedules are a lot tighter, and we’re more confident about our production volume and profitability.”
— Production Manager, Executive Vice President at Mattingly Lumber Shari Frazier

Built exclusively for component manufacturers, SAPPHIRE™ Structure delivers the most powerful structural modeling, editing, and estimating functionality available anywhere.

    Formula builder feature enables designers to create or store customized formulas, group formulas into sets, scheme and apply to jobs or individual objects. Create estimates by applying formulas to modeled objects.
    Create and customize plan options directly from within a job file. You can include all member types in your options, from accessories to walls, and utilize option customization, such as special junction considerations for site-specific creation.
    Users can model a unit once and place it multiple times. Placed units maintain a link back to original units, so you can make changes in one model and selectively update the references to units.

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Mattingly Lumber and Millwork, Inc. prides itself on offering a complete framing package for the professional builder. From the foundation to the finish, Mattingly Lumber offers a full line of rough framing material, turnkey installed sales, pre-manufactured wall panels and roof trusses, windows, interior and exterior doors, interior and exterior trim, stairs, custom millwork and cabinets, hardware and siding.

The entire process is simplified for our clients – you work directly with a dedicated member of our team – thus eliminating the need to bill multiple suppliers and coordinate with many companies, saving you valuable managerial and clerical time and business assets.
Mattingly Lumber is the only turn key lumber yard in the metropolitan St. Louis market – your one-stop solution to all of your construction needs.

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