MAX SuperFramer

max superframer

The SN883RH3 SuperFramer is the latest edition of MAX’s 21-degree stick framer. Driven by up to 120PSI of pressure, the SN883RH3 has the power to drive 2″x.113″ to 3 1/4″x.148″ full round head nails and can be used for framing, sheathing, decking and the installation of subflooring. Weighing in at just 7 lbs., the MAX SuperFramer’s features include: dial-adjustable depth control, a trigger lock lever for safety, a maintenance free end cap filter that captures dirt and sand down to 11 microns, a nose magnet that holds the last nail in place to prevent jams, and an aggressive nose for toe naili ng. It is shipped with both a sequential fire trigger and a rapid fire trigger. This latest iteration of the MAX SuperFramer also comes equipped with a tangle free swivel plug and a heavy-duty steel rafter hook.

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