MBSA video promotes careers in LBM industry

The Midwest Building Suppliers Association has produced a video designed to attract younger people entering the job market to the LBM industry.

The Midwest Building Suppliers Association (MBSA) has released a video designed to attract younger people entering the job market to the lumber/building materials industry.

MBSA members have all expressed concern that not enough younger people, especially the ones who opt to not go to college, know about the opportunities in our industry, the MBSA said upon release of the video.

“Talent procurement is a challenge across all lines of the construction world,” said Mike Dykstra, MBSA president. “This messaging will let good people know we’re here, and are a vital part of not only our communities, but the nation as a whole.”

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The video is part of a larger, greater-encompassing strategy to let those who want to enter the job market in a great career know about the industry. With print components and social media tie-ins, this campaign is aimed at high school guidance counselors, job fair coordinators, and our dealer and supplier members who can share this with their local schools to reach our target demographic.

“It’s quite impactful that the on-screen interviewees are actual employees and leaders of their respective companies, not actors,” said Tim Murphy, MBSA’s chief executive officer.  “Their messages were sincere and unrehearsed, and that genuineness comes through to the viewer.”

The video can be viewed, and the link can be shared, at www.theMBSA.org. It was produced by D. Scott Media of Indianapolis, with on-site shoots in Michigan and Indiana.

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