Metwood 2810HR

Named a Best of IBS, Most Innovative Building Product for 2020, the Metwood 2810HR allows up to a 6″ hole to be cut through a 2×10 Floor Joist. The main purpose for this product is to allow plumbing, HVAC, and other utilities to be placed through the floor joists. Prior to 1996, the code allowed for larger holes to be placed in joists. Therefore, when homes built prior to 1996 are being renovated the utilities routed through floor joists will no longer pass required codes. In order to avoid the need to reroute the utilities and add additional time to the project, the 2810HR Reinforcer can be utilized to solve the new code requirements. Metwood has obtained a Code Compliance Research Report for the product to allow use across the country without additional engineering support.

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