MFM Building Products’ ShingleStarter Course Roll

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ShingleStarter, manufactured by MFM Building Products, is an innovative, 50 mil shingle starter roll that features a peel-and-stick design for fast installation. The granulated surface provides excellent foot traction for the roofing contractor to prevent falls and potential injury.

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Waterproofing along the roof edge is a critical step in preventing wind-driven rain to blow under the shingles and onto the roof deck. This moisture eventually will rot the wood deck substrate leading to much bigger issues. The traditional method to address this step was to take 3-tab shingles, turn them over and cut off the tabs. The balance is then nailed to the roof deck. This method is extremely time consuming and still does not prevent wind-driven rain from blowing under this starter course.

ShingleStarter was developed to take advantage of today’s modern self-adhering (self-stick) technology and the need to reduce the labor, scrap and material costs associated with the traditional method of installing a starter course. The ShingleStarter roll installs quickly and easily along the roof edge. Simply install flush with the drip edge for immediate protection.

Since the product is adhered directly to the roof substrate, this prevents any wind, rain or moisture to reach the unprotected substrate. ShingleStarter is self-sealing so when the shingles are installed, the membrane will seal around the nail to maintain this waterproof barrier. Another feature of ShingleStarter is that it comes with a unique sealing strip on top of the membrane. This sealing strip adheres to the bottom of the installed shingles to prevent wind uplift along the roof edge.

Not only does ShingleStarter provide the necessary waterproofing protection, but it also eliminates all the costs associated with cutting shingle tabs for the starter course. Installing the peel-and-stick membrane could save the contractor up to 50% or more in installation time. By covering the roof in a faster fashion, the sooner the entire structure will be protected from the elements.

ShingleStarter can be used with either traditional 3-tab or architectural shingles. During installation, only install the amount of the ShingleStarter that will be covered by shingles that day. This prevents dust from settling on the sealing strip. Also during installation, the sealing strip should be closest to the roof edge. In colder temperatures, ShingleStarter can be mechanically attached or use MFM Low-VOC Spray Adhesive™ for better adhesion.

ShingleStarter is packaged in individual rolls that measure 7.2” x 33.5’. It meets the requirements of ASTM D 1970, is Miami-Dade County Approved, Florida Building Code FL 11842 and ICC-ES ESR-1737. ShingleStarter is made in the USA and features a 5-year warranty.

For more information on ShingleStarter™, please visit or call 800-882-7663.

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