MiTek Opens Atlanta Warehouse and Distribution Facility

MiTek’s new 45,600 square-foot Atlanta facility serves a 500-mile radius.

CHESTERFIELD, M0. — MiTek has opened a new warehouse and distribution facility in Atlanta. The new facility is the third warehouse opened by MiTek in the past 13 months, and it joins other strategically placed manufacturing, warehousing, and distribution facilities already located in New Jersey, Florida, Indianapolis, Minnesota, Houston, Phoenix, and California.

The new Atlanta facility enables distribution of MiTek building products to customers within a 500-mile radius. Fully functional on Feb. 1, 2017, the new facility offers products that include USP Structural Connectors, USP Epoxy and fastener products, as well as MiTek truss connector plates. The facility will primarily serve MiTek’s two-step customers and support MiTek’s rapidly expanding sales network.

The new warehouse offers 45,600 square feet of space, of which 3,500 square feet will be dedicated to offices, training, and customer support.

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“This is the third new MiTek warehouse and distribution center we have opened recently. With its strategic location, it provides us with even more coverage areas for one-day or two-day delivery of MiTek products,” said Todd Asche, Senior Vice President of Operations. “This new warehouse and distribution facility is clear evidence that MiTek is ‘on the march,’ with a goal of distributing our products at an expansive geographical scale.”

Source: MiTek