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Most popular front door colors in each state

With so many front door colors to choose from, it can be challenging to pick the one that will match your home perfectly. Angi has compiled a list of the most popular front door colors in each state to help your color-choosing journey.

The company analyzed data on the most searched front door colors nationwide, including red, blue, green, black, and wood. Take a look at the most popular door colors in your state and decide whether you want to follow the trend or stand out from neighboring homes.


Red Front Door
Nothing makes your home stand out from the street like a bright red front door. It’s no wonder that homeowners in Southern states, such as Alabama, Kentucky, and Mississippi, favor this front door color. A door color that shouts “Welcome!” fits right in with Southern hospitality.

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Other notable states that prefer red doors include Maryland and Missouri. The playful energy and distinct contrast provided by red front doors make it a great option for any home.

Blue Front Door
A blue front door has almost as many meanings as shades of blue. From light blues to dark navy shades, blue front doors work well with many different home styles, including houses with a white exterior.

Homeowners across two states, Connecticut and Louisiana, view blue front doors as the most popular, and for good reason. Since blue doors offer a glimpse into the homeowner’s personality, you have many options to match your and your home’s character.

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Green Front Door
Green inspires associations with nature and natural sunlight can bring out its vibrant tones when painted on your front door. There are plenty of shade options available to fit your home’s aesthetic and surrounding landscaping, such as earthy dark greens and rich emeralds.

Green front doors are trendy across the country, including nine states like Indiana, Ohio, and Washington. If you’re considering adding a pop of green to your front door, consider browsing our guide to exterior green house colors for inspiration and shade recommendations.

Black Front Door
While you might think of a black front door as something you’d only see in a haunted house, there’s more than meets the eye. Dark house colors symbolize sophistication and opportunity, and black front doors are surprisingly popular in modern home design. Angi found that 17 states chose black as their top front door option, including California, Iowa, South Carolina, and more. Keep in mind that black front doors work well with many exterior home styles, including ones with matte black or stark white siding.

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Wood Front Door
The look of a natural wood front door can inspire earthy and rustic aesthetics. Homes with a wood front door might be seen as down-to-earth and practical, appreciating the intricacies of the woodgrain and nature.

The states that found wood front doors the most popular are Arkansas, Kansas, Minnesota, and Oregon. This trend could be due to the proximity to mountains and overall appreciation of the outdoors, connecting homeowners with their surroundings. Before committing to a wood front door, consider the upkeep required to maintain a wooden door, including regular polishing and cleaning.

Additional Front Door Considerations
When choosing a front door color, it is important to consider your exterior house color and your existing landscape design. If you have a lot of greenery, you can choose a green color to match or a brighter color to make a statement. Or you can opt for a wood or black door to remain neutral against the colorful flowers on your porch.

Similarly, if you have a neutral house color, you can explore fun color options for your door. And if your home is already painted a bright color, you can tie it together with a more subdued and relaxed door. If you need additional help choosing a color and installing a new front door, your local door installer can help you decide what color is best for your home.

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