NADRA UPDATE: Deck Industry Initiatives

nadra logoWhen Members Of The North American Deck and Railing Association (NADRA) met March 8 at the Builder and Remodeler Expo in Atlanta, it gave me a chance to update many of our members on the latest in our organization’s activity over the past year. NADRA has been busy introducing new initiatives and services for our members and the industry at large, which appropriately in LBM Journal’s annual Deck Issue, is a great time to fill you in on what your industry’s outdoor living association has been up to.

1. Deck Safety Initiative
Our Deck Safety Initiative includes education and certification programs available in San Diego, Virginia, Atlanta and online. Introduced first in 2006, NADRA’s Deck Safety Initiative includes the designation of May as Deck Safety Month. NADRA’s campaign for deck safety awareness is an effort to promote outdoor living in a beautiful and safe environment. NADRA is proud to provide the tools to its members to help promote deck safety awareness.

NADRA’s Deck Safety Initiative this year focuses on four key areas: Ledger, hardware, framing, and footers. NADRA offers training and certification for members as well as the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI) and others interested in professional deck inspection.

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With more and more homeowners and industry pros focused on deck safety, NADRA continues to offer its popular, downloadable deck safety checklist at In addition to the checklist, members also have access to customizable press release templates, customizable graphics for web and social media, a social media content editorial calendar, and use of NADRA Deck Safety Month and Check Your Deck logos.

2. Recruitment, Financing, Leads
Through partnerships with K44 Consulting, Inc., an executive search firm specializing in the building materials industry, NADRA members are able to benefit the organization. K44 Consulting has agreed to give back to NADRA for client referrals.

An agreement with Prosper allows NADRA members to help customers finance deck projects. A relationship with CraftJack allows customer relationship management services through targeting and verification of leads. NADRA members are eligible for discounts.

3. Deck Evaluation App
NADRA is pleased to introduce the new Deck Evaluation App. This mobile application is the latest iteration of NADRA’s Deck Evaluation Form. It’s easy to use and allows deck professionals the ability to save and print deck inspection results. The app includes inspection items such as stairs, footings, beams/joists, ledger, boards/surface, rails/guards and more. Visit

4. Code Compliance Charter
NADRA’s Code Compliance and Consumer Product Awareness Charter (CPAC) Labeling program is working toward a unified third-party testing and labeling process for decking materials. The goal is to establish a baseline labeling system for aspects such as fade resistance, slip resistance, heat retention, and so on.

The program is designed to provide homeowners with an apples-to-apples tool for comparing and identifying the characteristics and attributes of different decking products. Armed with this information, consumers can compare products and features to select the most appropriate products for each intended use. For manufacturers, the program, which will include independent third-party verification and labeling, reduces the need for redundant tests for multiple certifications.

5. Golf Tournament
NADRA’s annual golf tournament is set for May 9th at Brookfield Country Club in Roswell, Ga. This annual event brings together leaders of the decking industry. Sponsorships are still available, and registration is open at

6. Membership Information
With these initiatives in mind, there has never been a better time to become a member of NADRA. For more information on membership visit

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