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We did it. We survived 2020.

Well, technically, since I wrote this on Nov. 5, and the presidency for the next four years has yet to be determined and coronavirus cases are spiking across the U.S., there’s still a stretch of uncharted territory to cover before we can look back on 2020 as the year that was. But considering what we’ve all been through to get us to this point, it’s clear that we, as individuals, as companies, and as an industry, have what it takes to not only survive, but to adapt and thrive.

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Think about it. After beginning the year full of optimism for what would almost surely be another strong year of residential construction and remodeling, COVID-19 threw our world into chaos. But instead of panicking, you worked within our rapidly-evolving reality to continue serving your customers and your community. You managed the unknown, did what was necessary to keep your people safe and your companies operating, and forged ahead. Then, you went from fears of an economic collapse to navigating unprecedented demand for building materials, complete with spiking prices and product shortages.

In my conversations with readers from across the U.S., I hear stories of a once-in-a-lifetime experience that they’ve worked through with their people, their customers, and their communities. While 2020 has been a year that I’ll likely talk about the same way my parents talked about the Great Depression, this wasn’t our first rodeo. We’ve done it before, and we’ll do it again. While no one knows what next life-altering challenge awaits, I know that we’ll not only make it through to the other side, we’ll be stronger and smarter.

Looking forward to 2021 and beyond, I’m happy to share that the LBM Journal team has been working hard on fresh new ways to serve you and the rest of our community. The LBM Sales Podcast that Editor James Anderson just launched with Rick Davis is only the beginning. Whether you’re looking for a new podcast to subscribe to, or if you’re new to the world of podcasts, this would be a great place to start.

While we know (because you tell us), that the print edition of LBM Journal is important to you, we also know (because the analytics tell us) that the revamped LBM Journal daily e-newsletter and website, along with the webinars and white papers, are finding an enthusiastic audience. When you talk, we listen. Then act on what we learn. And because of that, I’ll be announcing some exciting news soon.

Stay tuned. From the entire LBM Journal team, a sincere thank you for the opportunity to grow your sales, your business, and your brand.

— Rick Schumacher
Executive Editor & Publisher

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