NELMA Launches Retailer Outreach Program

NeLMA logo(Cumberland, ME) – With the goal of creating a consistent information channel between the association and lumber retailers and becoming a go-to source for information, the Northeastern Lumber Manufacturers Association (NELMA) has launched a Retailer Outreach Program (ROP).

“Our goal is to provide retailers with the latest information on northeastern softwood lumber products,” said Jeff Easterling, president of NELMA. “We plan to communicate the information in such a way that it can be used down the line for sales staff training and even further dissemination to their builder/contractor customers.”

Traditionally, retail programs target one or two top contacts within each company. Designed for greater outreach, the NELMA program will reach counter staff who actually sell the wood. Through the sharing of key sales points, product information, links, and marketing tools, a “higher level of wood product knowledge and information sharing can be achieved,” continued Easterling. “We’re in this Retailer Outreach Program for the long haul – this is not a short-term effort.”

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The primary information vehicle will be an easy-to-read e-newsletter, including an interactive element. “This is a conversation; we’re building a stronger relationship between lumber retailers and the association,” Easterling remarked.

To continue the conversation, retailers will be encouraged to share NELMA information via their own customer-directed information outlets, with incentives in place to encourage information sharing.

Registration and opt-in for the NELMA Retailer Outreach Program is completely free for retailers and dealers. All submitted information will be kept confidential and not sold or given to anyone at any time. To opt-in and be part of the first phases of the NELMA Retailer Outreach Program, please email company name and email contact information for all company representatives wanting to receive information to For any questions, please call NELMA toll-free at 1.800.819.6040.

Source: NELMA