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New from Hillman – PowerPro® Structural Wood Screws

Don’t limit yourself or your projects. Power Pro® Structural Wood Screws are engineered for speed, low energy consumption, strength, and durability. A complete line of innovative Building Code Approved Structural Screws that outperform other fasteners. The new program provides a vast selection of screw sizes and head styles. The patented screw design offers features that are unmatched in the category and set a new benchmark for performance.

Product Lineup

Structural LAGGeneral purpose structural fastener designed for wood-to-wood construction and ideal for a variety of indoor and outdoor projects. Star-drive screw with low-profile head. 1/4″, 5/16″ & 3/8″ diameters, lengths up to 12″

TIMBERTITE®Heavy-duty structural fastener ideal for landscape walls, decks, fencing, and other wood-to-wood connections. Hex-head screw. 1/4″ diameter, lengths up to 10″

LUMBERTITE®General purpose, heavy-duty structural wood fastener designed for wood-to-wood construction without pre-drilling. Star-drive screw with low-profile flat head. 1/4″ diameter, lengths up to 12″

LEDGERTITE®Designed to fasten the ledger board directly to the rim joist of a house without pre-drilling or the need for a washer. Hex-head screw with built-in washer. 5/16″ diameter, 3-5/8″ & 5″ lengths

TRUSSTITE®Designed to join engineered lumber together (LVL, PSL and LSL). Typically, these are joined with through bolts or nailing/screwing on both sides. Hex-head screw with built-in washer colored red for easy post-inspection identification.

Features and Benefits

Engineered Performance:

  • 30% faster installation time vs. the competition
  • Drives more screws per battery charge
  • Outstanding Corrosion Protection
  • No Pre-Drilling
  • Grade 5 Strength
  • Higher Pullout Values

Building Code Approved:

  • AC257 Treated Lumber Certified
  • Wood-to-Wood Connection ESR-4017 Certified
  • Florida Building Code Approved
  • California Building Code Approved
  • International Building Code IBC Approved
  • International Residential Code IRC Approved
  • Corrosion Resistance compatible with ACQ Treated Wood for Ground Application


Power Pro offers one of the most comprehensive fastener lines available. Power Pro delivers innovative fastening solutions for practically every material, brings the strength a pro demands, and has a smooth, easy drive that pros and DIYers will appreciate. Built strong enough for professional trades and easy enough to use for those tackling their first DIY projects. Drive with confidence when you build with Power Pro.

For more information on where to purchase Power Pro® Structural Wood Screws please contact your local Hillman rep or our Customer Support Center at 1-800-800-4900.

Instagram: @powerprohardware

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