New garage floors in just a weekend

Any garage floor can be a new garage floor in just a few days with Daich Coatings TracSafe Anti-Slip Sealer. As garage floors gather years of wear and tear, they become both unsightly and unsafe with use. Even the most inexperienced DIY weekend warrior can improve the look of their floor while also eliminating the risk of potentially costly slips and falls, and summer is the perfect time to clean out that garage and give the floor a fresh and lasting look.

TracSafe’s Anti-Slip Sealer is formulated with a unique pre-mix that is ready to apply wherever you need it, whether it’s garage floors, slippery steps, showers, walkways, pool decks, and more. The simple roll-on application of two-coats of Anti-Slip Sealer brings stability and peace of mind to any concrete or tile surface.

The first step — and often the most difficult — to a new garage floor is cleaning out the garage.

But before you seal the floor, consider whether you’re happy with its current appearance. If you’re not satisfied with the look of your garage floor surface, you don’t have to simply apply TracSafe’s Anti-Slip Sealer over the top of it. You can transform the color of your surface first with TracSafe’s Anti-Slip Color Coat. You need not be an artist or a professional contractor to have a brand-new look to your garage floor. Daich recommends starting a project with two coatings of the colored TracSafe Anti-Slip Color Coat. Then, finish the project with two coats of TracSafe Anti-Slip Sealer. As easy to apply as paint, TracSafe Anti-Slip Color Coat comes in Graphite, Shell Grey, Cream, Clay Brick, and Terracotta colors.

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A garage floor refresh begins ahead of time with a well-prepped surface. For most DIYers, the most difficult or time-consuming part of the project is actually removing everything from the garage! If you’re already tidy with your garage storage, then that step will be a breeze.

Once your floor is clear, simply vacuum and pressure-wash the surface to get it ready for TracSafe Anti-Slip Color Coat. Surface preparation is the most important part of the job, so be sure your floor is clean. If you don’t own a pressure washer, don’t worry. Most rental centers and even some home stores and lumberyards rent them by the day or by the hour.

Once your floor is thoroughly clean and dried, apply your first coat of Daich TracSafe Anti-Slip Color Coat.

After your floor is clean and thoroughly dried, apply the easily spreadable Daich Coatings TracSafe Anti-Slip Color Coat using a common paint roller. It helps to use a paint roller extension pole to prevent bending to the ground. After two to four hours of drying time, a second coat can be applied. One gallon of Color Coat will cover 160 square feet.

Once your Color Coat has dried and cured for 24 hours, it is time to add two coats of the clear TracSafe Anti-Slip Sealer. The product applies the same as the Color Coat, rolling on easily with a paint roller.

As soon as the Sealer has thoroughly dried, you can move back your garage items — even cars — and have the project completed by the end of the weekend!

When complete, your Daich TracSafe floor will provide years of beautiful, anti-slip protection.

The same TracSafe products can also be used together on driveways, walkways and patio surfaces. Plus, Daich Coatings offers a variety of other unique spreadable stone coatings for concrete surfaces including SpreadStone, SpreadRock, and RollerRock. Each require a different amount of DIY skill and can result in varied levels of creative results. Learn more at

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