New Leadership Program for Women in Lumber Industry

ATLANTA — The Construction Suppliers’ Association (CSA) is excited to announce a one-of-a kind educational opportunity designed specifically for women in positions of leadership within the lumber industry from across the nation.


The Women in Lumber Leadership (WILL) Collaborative, making its debut this fall, is will provide a unique learning community addressing topics such as leadership and presentation skills, the ability to influence others as well as conflict resolution. The program will also enable each participant to identify their own strengths and how to best put them to use in both their career and personal lives.

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“CSA has long wanted to create a peer group for women, and we now have everything in place to begin our Women In Lumber Leadership Collaborative in September,” says Jim Moody, president at Construction Suppliers Association. “There are unique issues for women in this male-dominated industry. It’s not that men aim to keep women out, but the fact remains that the vast majority of people in the industry are male. It’s kind of odd that we don’t have many women when the most profitable items that many members sell are driven by decisions made by women (kitchens, bathrooms, upgraded windows and doors, etc.) Perhaps our businesses (and margins) could be stronger if we had more women in leadership roles.”

The first session will be the first in a three-year journey in which group members will meet twice per year providing a learning experience that is significantly richer than that of traditional education programs.

The event will take place September 22 – 25, 2015 at the Forrest Hills Mountain Resort & Conference Center in Dahlonega, Georgia. Situated on 140 lush acres in the North Georgia mountains. The resort is just 1 hour north of Atlanta—an easy drive from Hartsfield-Jackson International airport.

The total cost for the program is $1,749—including the program fee and materials, accommodations as well as all meals and refreshments during the event.

The program is limited to 25 participants and the registration deadline is July 1.

“The program we’ve designed will run for three years, with two meetings each year. We’re opening it up to women from across the nation. This geographic diversity will, we think, enhance the program. Sessions will focus on developing leadership skills, gaining insight into your own strengths and weaknesses, learning better life-balancing strategies, enhancing ability to influence, gaining a better ability to engage effectively in conflict, and increase ability to be heard. Veteran CSA coach/presenter Jan Flynn heads up the facilitation team with Suzanne Stevens, who has more than 30 years of developing experiential workshops,” Moody says.

For more information about the WILL Collaborative, visit the CSA website at or contact Kristin White at (678) 674-1860.

Source: CSA


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