New Lumberyard Opens in Mabel, Minn.

Mabel Lumber

A new lumberyard is looking to fill a need in a small Minnesota town that has been without a local building materials supplier for 15 years. Contractors Adam and Orel Tollefson recently Mabel Lumberopened Mabel Lumber in Mabel, Minn.

The father and son team told Fillmore County News Leader that they have been establishing the lumberyard around their time working as building contractors.

“We’ve got a construction business to run, so we’ve been doing most of the work on the building nights and weekends,” Orel Tollefson told the News Leader. Adam Tollefson hopes to one day pass along the business to his own children. “This is a good opportunity for Dad and me,” he said. “This is a family business that hopefully one or both of my sons might decide to get into in the future.”

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