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Multi-Slide_1215Expanding its already broad selection of sliding and hinged doors, Weather Shield Windows & Doors has introduced its new multi-slide door in the Premium Series™ and the Contemporary Collection to accommodate openings as large 50’ wide and 10’ tall in high-end custom homes. The new multi-slide door is available in single and bi-parting configurations, and a 90-degree corner zero-post configuration, and can either nest at the end of the track or tuck inside a wall cavity, automated or manual, for full-width passage.

“We’re serious about meeting architects’ and custom builders’ needs for different styles and sizes of doors to facilitate seamless indoor-outdoor movement, whether in a luxury home or a modern commercial property,” said Dave Koester, Weather Shield brand manager. “The multi-slide door, particularly in the 90-degree corner zero-post configuration, gives designers more freedom to design to their clients’ desire for unique outdoor living environments.”

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Available in the Premium Series, or the Contemporary Collection (5-1/8” or 3-1/4” bottom rail), the multi-slide door has an extruded aluminum clad exterior and wood interior. It features a standard or high performance sill, and corrosion-resistant adjustable rollers. The flush handle is available in brushed nickel, oil-rubbed bronze (PVD) and black.

The automated, recessing door configuration can be controlled by a discreet push-button panel on the wall or can be connected to most smart-home systems, including Wink, Z-Wave and others. The system also includes sensors to prevent the door from closing on a person or object. The door will also stop closing if it meets a small amount of resistance. Should the power go out, the motorized system has a battery backup to power a limited number of operations.

Additional Premium Series Patio Doors
In addition to the new multi-slide door, the Premium Series doors include:

  • The bi-fold door, which is available in the Premium Series or in the Contemporary Collection (3-1/4” or 5-1/8” stiles and rails). The 2-1/4″ thick accordion-style door is available in configurations from two to eight panels and can accommodate openings as wide as 23’. Elegant and versatile, the bi-fold patio door can be used in a commercial building, such as a restaurant wanting to connect an indoor dining area to an outdoor patio, or in a private home, to easily extend the living space into the backyard.
  • The Lift & Slide Patio Door – The 2-1/4” thick lift & slide patio door is available with all the options of the Premium Series. The door features panels that slide open and closed on a recessed sill system, with one panel stacking on top of the next as it slides open. The door’s handle facilitates the raising and lowering of the hefty door on the sill. When raised, the door slides effortlessly along the track. Once in the desired place, the door can be lowered tightly against the threshold by rotating the lever handle to the downward position. The door is available for widths up to 50′.
  • Traditional Hinged Doors – For more modest openings, Weather Shield offers hinged doors in both the Premium Series and the Contemporary Collection. In-swing, out-swing and center-hinged doors make great primary entrance doors on modern luxury homes. Traditional hinged doors are available in with premium 2-1/4” thick panels or standard 1-3/4” panels.

Additional Premium Series Patio Doors

The Premium Series and Contemporary Collection doors are available in 12 standard, 47 designer or custom-matched aluminum clad exterior colors. A choice of 7 interior wood species, which can be painted or stained in one of multiple finishes at the factory, allows homeowners to personalize their Premium Series patio doors.

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