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Evolve Stone
Evolve Stone

With the building industry facing challenges when it comes to skilled labor and backordered products, there is a need for a more efficient installation process. That’s where Evolve Stone comes in. As the Best in Show and Most Innovative Building Material Product of IBS 2022, Evolve Stone is revolutionizing the building industry as a major stone siding product disrupter.

Nailable, mortarless, and color-throughout, Evolve Stone’s lightweight/moisture impermeable proprietary material is engineered to be a fraction of the weight of most stone siding. Evolve Stone is said to install up to 10 times faster than other products on the market. Evolve Stone is the first of its kind to look and feel like real stone, while installing with a finish nailer, greatly reducing the cost of installation, need for specialty tools, and construction cycle times.

In addition to engineering an easy-to-install product with adaptable styles, Evolve Stone has also created an installation system with building science at the forefront— maintaining proper drainage and drying. According to the manufacturer, there is no hydrostatic pressure and no leaks. This methodology protects the substrate beneath it while weathering a wide range of temperatures, precipitation, freeze/thaw cycles, wind loading, and UV exposure.

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Further adding to its advantages, Evolve Stone is designed to be among the most intuitive stone products on the market to install. With ‘workability’ similar to wood, Evolve Stone cuts with any standard woodworking tool, making modifications simple while reducing the need for expensive accessories.

As a specialty composite, Evolve Stone’s patented material’s physical properties are very different from traditional stone or cementitious stone alternatives. Evolve Stone can be face nailed with standard stainless-steel finish nails into the surface of the stone, having the fastener naturally recess below the stones surface, making the nail virtually invisible.

“We created Evolve Stone because the ease of installation helps combat the serious shortage of skilled labor, while providing a system based on proven building science,” Greg Fritz, CEO, told LBM Journal. “Plus, feedback from builders has been overwhelmingly positive. Once they see how Evolve Stone is installed, the immediately connect the dots on cost savings, ability for turnkey exterior installations, and improved cycle times.”

Manufactured in the U.S., Evolve Stone is ICC-ES listed, ESR3970 for Non-Rated and ESL1247 for Fire-Rated.

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