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New & Noteworthy: Tantimber from G Wood Pro

Tantimber, a well-established brand of thermally modified wood throughout Europe and other international markets, is quickly developing a strong presence in the U.S. Distributed exclusively by G Wood Pro, Tantimber’s products are produced with its latest Thermowood Technology, which refines and modifies wood without harmful chemicals. The result: durable and extremely stable decking and siding engineered to deliver longterm, real-wood performance.

According to G Wood Pro, the Thermowood Technology starts with FSC Certified hardwoods and softwoods, then uses an environmentally friendly process that “cooks” the wood, removing sugars and moisture, thereby strengthening the wood’s durability. While all wood will expand as it absorbs moisture and contract as it dries, thermally modified wood absorbs much less moisture than other timber choices and therefore will suffer much less from moisture deformities. Plus, the absence of sugars, which are the natural food sources of mold, bacteria, and insects, Tantimber is said to be much more resistant to rot, decay, and insect infestations, giving it a much longer lifespan.

In addition to being a great insulator due to the unique composition of the wood after modification, Tantimber is available in a variety of different types of hard and softwoods. Ash and Pine are popular choices, as well as exotic species like Ayos, Iroko, and Tulipwood. It also comes in many cross-section profiles and sizes, to help your clients meet their specific project.

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All of G Wood Pro’s siding and decking products are non-toxic, eco-friendly and fully recyclable. The wood’s initial brown tone naturally weathers over time to a silver-gray patina, if not treated with pigmented and UV-protected wood oil.

“With many building materials still in short-supply and requiring long lead-times, we recently expanded our manufacturing capacity to ensure ready availability and short lead-times,” Mehmet Zenginler, Managing Partner of G Wood Pro tells LBM Journal. “Plus, since our Tantimber decking and siding products are new to the U.S. market and not available everywhere, it’s a great opportunity for dealers and distributors to differentiate themselves with an established, high performance—and high margin—product.”

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