NEW & NOTEWORTHY: Xcelerated from Coeur d’Alene Wood

Xcelerated from Coeur_d_Alene_WoodA patent-pending VOC-free process transforms raw lumber into a green certified alternative to reclaimed wood (without the use of paint or stains) —in about 24 hours.

There’s no question that authentic reclaimed wood is an in-demand product. But the very characteristics that make it desirable have also made it a challenge for LBM dealers and distributors to source affordably and consistently.

No one knew this better than Chris Bartimioli, a builder whose clients (ranging from homeowners and elite architects to designers and Fortune 500 companies) wanted their projects to include the unique character of reclaimed wood. It was this demand that drove Bartimioli to develop what he describes as “a realistic, natural process to create an aged wood product that is contaminant free, affordable and readily available.” Today, Bartimioli serves as president and co-founder of Coeur d’Alene Wood, a northern Idaho company that harnesses the power of Mother Nature to accelerate the aging process of fresh cut lumber, and transform it into Xcelerated’s productline of specialty wood.

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“Reclaimed wood has always been a rich man’s sport,” says partner and CFO David Seymour. “Our product is extremely economical as compared to authentic reclaimed wood. Prices for reclaimed wood range from $8—for low-end materials—to $30 per square foot or more. Our most expensive materials typically retail for less than $7 per square foot.”

According to the company, not only is the Xcelerated line of wood products less expensive, it’s also safer. Since many excavators have no way of verifying what the reclaimed wood may have been treated with over its lifetime, there are concerns with off-gassing of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) associated with lead paint or other treatments. “Our process stimulates the organic maturing of wood by exposing it to a unique combination of fire, soil, water and wind. The result is an abundant supply of wood that has been naturally aged at an accelerated rate, while retaining the character of authentic reclaimed wood without the use of paints, stains or harmful chemicals.”

Since interior accent walls (along with exterior siding) are among the most common uses for aged wood, the fact that “Xcelerated is free of VOCs eliminates the potential for harmful health effects,” says Bartimioli. “There’s nothing else like it on the market today.”

In addition, the product has several other characteristics that can make it a more practical option for builders, remodelers and homeowners. “Unlike authentic reclaimed wood, Xcelerated is uniformly sized, and is free of metal—like old nails,” says Seymour, “as well as other common defects like mold and rot.”

Made from raw Alaskan yellow cedar and Western red cedar, Xcelerated is available in Barn Wood Select (pictured), Heritage (similar to Barn Wood, but with a circular sawn face), and Coastal Collection (grays with a wire brush finish) in lengths ranging from 8′-20′. Siding is available in shiplap style measuring 1″x6″ and 1″x8″. Trim pieces range from 1″x4″ up to 2″x6″. Other sizing and options are available on request.

While Xcelerated is described as a stable product, just like any other wood product, it will continue to age if left alone. The company suggests a clear oil- or water-based finish if the buyer doesn’t want the wood to age any further.

The company, which got quite a bit of attention in its debut at the 2016 International Builders Show, has elected to work within a two-step network of wholesale distributors and LBM dealers.

To learn more about the company and its products, visit or call 208.457.3908.