New President and CEO at The Detering Company


HOUSTON — The Detering Company has announced the addition of John Sewall as President and CEO. As part of his role, Sewall will oversee both The Detering Company and South Texas Brick and Stone.

Prior to his new role, Sewall was Vice President of Operations for Trussway, a supplier of manufactured floor, roof and wall components for multi-family construction projects. He was challenged to ensure all six manufacturing plants across the U.S. were producing and matching customer demand across 30 states. Sewall led the strategy for capacity utilization across plants, labor and material efficiency, continuous improvement initiatives, and best practice sharing.

“I am excited to apply the skillset that I’ve developed in the industry toward reaching and surpassing both Carl Detering’s vision and goal for The Detering Company,” said Sewall. “You don’t see the kind of passion Carl has toward his family business everywhere. His love for his company, family, employees, and customers drives me to achieve the objectives that will take Detering to the next level.”

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For his part, Carl Detering Jr. says he looks forward to what lie ahead with Sewall as part of the team. “As we look to the future, we are excited to have John at the helm. He will help us accomplish our goals as a company, and we will continue to contribute to the development of Houston by way of our customers.”

Source: The Detering Company