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New products from NewTechWood

NewTechWood is coming out with a new products this year in addition to the original line of products that we carry. We are expanding our grain pattern and coloring with our All Weather Siding in Shou Sugi Ban (Japanese Charred Wood look). This product color and grain pattern matches perfectly the painstaking time it takes to make real Japanese Charred wood with the added benefit that it will last for a very long time.

The next product that we are introducing this year is the Shadowline Closed Rain Screen Siding System. It still uses our great clipping system and there by giving you that nice tongue and groove so that water doesn’t get through. We have heard a lot of people asking for a siding that mimics the look of deck boards but without the water able to pass through the 1/4” gap that is created when you put deck boards on the wall. Our solution the Shadowline Siding System. You will get that nice ¼” gap between every single siding board from far away, however, if you look at it up close you can see that the way that we have designed the profile it is angled to only give the illusion of the 1/4” gap and it really isn’t there. That way we have satisfied the fact that it has the nice gap and also is still a close rain screen cladding system. You will never have to worry about water splashing in after a rain or whether or not your house wrap is going to hold up over the years.

NewTechWood Shadowline Closed Rain Screen Siding System

We also have two new colors the Icelandic Smoke White and the Japanese Cedar that we are introducing in the All Weather as well as the European Siding systems. These two colors were very sought after. The Japanese Cedar is very similar to the wood that is used in Japan. It is a very soft looking color that really reflects the light and brightens up any space that it is put in. It has been used since ancient times and it is a unique wood and we wanted to capture that uniqueness into our boards.  For the Icelandic Smoke White color we looked towards the peaks of Iceland for inspiration- the swirling clouds, fluffy snow and capped mountains create a unique color profile. The color of our board swirls and moves as we transcribed that scenery mimicking the landscape perfectly and creating “Icelandic Smoke White.” It truly is a unique color.

NewTechWood Icelandic Smoke White
NewTechWood Japanese Cedar

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