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New Tech in the Construction Industry Helps Pros Boost Productivity & Revenue

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, many industries have increased their reliance on digital solutions and technology. The construction industry in particular has a history of consistent evolution as technology has continued to help building professionals increase revenue and improve productivity. 

According to a study conducted by JB Knowledge staffing and hiring for research and development in construction companies remains consistent, with 75% of companies reporting at least one employee in this area. This shows dedication to innovation and optimization. The same study found that building information modeling (BIM) software is becoming more normalized with over half of construction firms already using it and 27.5% planning to adopt within the decade.

The industry clearly shows a push to adopt and develop new technologies with the goal of making construction easier and more profitable. LP® SmartSide® Trim & Siding provides a peek into how the industry today can help building professionals, even in the midst of a pandemic, boost their businesses, save time and remain highly productive.

The Growth of Technology in the Construction Industry

Construction technology refers to innovative tools, machinery and software used during the construction phase of a project to bring about advancement in field construction methods. In simpler terms, construction technology helps make construction methods better.

Currently, all parts of the construction industry are affected by technology, from building products to training and job estimation. According to construction management software company, Viewpoint, reliance on technology in the industry is increasing, as many contractors are switching to automated processes. In fact, ConstructConnect reports that over $1 billion was invested in global construction technology startups in 2018 alone. This shows the industry is actively working to make its methods and tools better for professionals. 

Why the dedication to technology? With advanced construction methods, builders and other professionals can streamline their processes, increase productivity and revenue, and improve safety and training—all of which benefit their businesses and their clients. The COVID-19 pandemic led many to adapt quickly and invest in digital resources where they may otherwise have not, accelerating already quick developments in technology. Unexpected changes placed renewed importance on keeping up with competitors and developing new answers to new problems quickly.

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LP SmartSide Trim & Siding Responds With Innovative Solutions for Pros

To help building professionals save time and improve efficiency, LP SmartSide Trim & Siding has developed several partnerships and programs designed to use technology to streamline their efforts.

Available to all LP BuildSmart™ Preferred Contractors, the One Click Contractor tool streamlines a contractor’s entire sales workflow from integrated measurements to product estimate, closing the job, and getting paid all in one system. It keeps all job-related data in one place, allowing professionals to focus on revenue-generating activities rather than being buried in a mountain of paperwork. As a key response to changes from the COVID-19 pandemic, the tool also includes virtual sales strategies to help professionals adapt and respond well. 

“Many LP contractors, like reNew Windows and Siding, have seen their business transform by utilizing technology like One Click Contractor,” says Bill Phillips, Chief Commercial Officer for One Click Contractor. “We have seen LP contractors who use One Click Contractor’s all-in-one digital sales productivity solution have 50%+ close rates, 30%-40% added sales efficiency with many of them breaking new revenue records in their businesses.”


Another helpful tool recently developed by the LP SmartSide team is the LP SkillBuilder™ Education and Resource Hub. With this virtual resource, builders and other professionals can get exclusive access to installation tips and ways to improve jobsite efficiency. “While this is a hands-on learning industry, we’ve seen an increased demand for easy-to-access virtual training resources. LP SkillBuilder is our answer to that demand—which is as important as ever in today’s landscape—to offer our customers unparalleled digital resources to help them stand out among the competition,” says LP Marketing Operations Manager Parry Healy.

LP SkillBuilder also includes courses on topics ranging from installing LP SmartSide products to advice for selling the products to homeowners. Content is available in both English and Spanish. Additionally, LP BuildSmart members can receive 8,000+ points for completing online training courses on the hub.

Finally, the LP BuildSmart™ Preferred Contractor Program offers contractors access to product training and marketing support. Priority lead generation also connects them with homeowners searching online for a siding contractor. Through the BuildSmart program, contractors can turn LP SmartSide product purchases into points. Points earned can be used for cash and co-marketing, or towards discounted rates and seat fees for One Click Contractor. Contractors can also redeem their points for LP SmartSide sales kits to ensure they have the proper tools when selling to homeowners.

Pushing Forward With Technology

While the COVID-19 pandemic led many toward virtual solutions more quickly and urgently than they might have planned, technological resources are here to stay in the construction industry, as seen in the efforts of LP Building Solutions. By adapting and learning how to adjust to new ways of selling and running a business, building professionals can ultimately streamline their efforts and work smarter with the help of tools they can access from anywhere.

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