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New Yesler Release Delivers for Traders

Yesler has released new technology within the Yesler Marketplace that empowers lumber traders to establish their online presence. Introducing the Trader Profile, a personal, editable digital storefront and channel to instantly communicate with trading partners and market your products.

The Trader Profile

 The Trader Profile is a customizable personal storefront. As a lumber seller, you can share who you are, what you trade, and why customers should do business with you. Sharing your profile with trading partners is as easy as sending them a secure link to your personal page. Edit your content and offers at any time – it’s your page! Customers can read your view of the market, request products, or simply connect to chat with you in Yesler.

Yesler 2

Buyers Are Going Digital – Meet Them Where They Are!

Buyers in today’s LBM market are moving to online tools to speed and organize their buying process and communication with suppliers. Telephone calls are great for instant communication but terrible for record keeping or for communicating a single message, like a request for a quote, to several suppliers. Email works better for communicating with multiple people but gets unwieldy to manage multiple conversations with long, confusing email threads.

And a supplier’s online portal does not solve the problem. Buyers and sellers alike need a single place to communicate with all of their trading partners.

Yesler Marketplace improves this process for buyers and lets traders meet their trading partners online, building their reputation with high quality, online communications.

Does Yesler Trade in Lumber?

Yesler does NOT buy lumber. Yesler does NOT sell lumber. We are a technology company working to better the flow of information and efficiency within the LBM supply chain. Our founders came from decades of leadership in the LBM industry, we care about the LBM industry, and we are entirely focused on improving this industry.

In Yesler Marketplace, buyers and sellers can chat instantly, request products and share quotes, exchange documents, and keep all of the history for reference purposes. Users on Yesler always know who they are chatting and trading with, and privacy is fully maintained, allowing you to improve your relationships with private, secure communication.

Getting Started

Individual traders can get a free account on Yesler, with no contracts to review or sign. It’s simple and no risk to get started.

Get a free account by emailing, or start with a 30-minute private demo of Yesler Marketplace by scanning the QR code below.


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