NLBMDA: The Midterm Elections and Control of Congress

It is also possible the day after Election Day that neither party will know if they have control of the Senate come 2015. That is because in addition to the possibility of recounts in close races, both Georgia and Louisiana require a candidate to attain 50% of the vote on Election Day; otherwise a runoff election is held for the top two candidates. In Louisiana, the runoff election would be on December 6, and in Georgia the runoff election would be on January 6.

Regardless of which party controls the Senate next year, given the narrow advantage either side is likely to have, Democrats and Republicans will need to work together to move forward on issues such as housing finance reform, energy efficiency and taxes. Should Republicans control the Senate next year, a challenge will be finding ways to work with President Obama and Senate Democrats to pass the policies they support. And if Democrats retain the majority, they will need to find new ways of advancing their legislative priorities with a motivated opposition and a lame-duck president.

As for the House of Representatives, Republicans will keep their majority and appear poised to increase their advantage in the lower chamber, where Republicans hold 233 seats; Democrats hold 199 seats and 3 seats are currently vacant.

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Dealers can help employees make voting a priority this fall by providing them with information. NLBMDA has resources available—including links to voter registration, absentee voting information and polling locations—at our Legislative Action Center at www. that will help encourage your employees, regardless of political affiliation, to do their civic duty by voting for their preferred candidates on Election Day, which is Tuesday, November 4.

The resources provided are not intended to endorse any specific candidates or parties. However, we want lumber and building material industry stakeholders to be educated and participate fully in the electoral process. Voter participation from lumber dealers and their employees is a priority for NLBMDA, and we encourage you to help your employees exercise their right to vote.