NLBMDA Releases 2015 National Policy Agenda

[Washington, DC] – The National Lumber and Building Material Dealers Association (NLBMDA) released its national legislative and regulatory policy agenda for 2015. The document brings focus to the common interests of the industry and includes policy goals for continued growth in our nation’s housing and building industry.

“Lumber and building material dealers play an important role in the building supply chain, and the health of the American economy depends in part on a strong residential housing market,” said NLBMDA Chair J.D. Saunders, Vice President of Economy Lumber in Campbell, California. “The 2015 NLBMDA National Policy Agenda provides a common-sense, pro-growth framework that eliminates unnecessary regulatory burdens, creates jobs, and promotes sound fiscal policies needed for sustained economic expansion”

NLBMDA will continue its work with Congress and regulatory bodies to advance pro-growth policies that will strengthen small businesses and protect the many multi-generational family-owned businesses in the industry. The association’s agenda includes the industry’s positions on: housing & construction policy; tax & economic policy; legal reform & consumer protection; workforce policy; the environment, health, & safety; product supply & trade; energy policy; transportation policy; and highway safety.

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“NLBMDA is dedicated to protect the interests of the lumber and building material industry and will continue to work with Congress and the Obama Administration to eliminate burdensome regulations, promote fiscally-sound policies, and to continue advancing the housing recovery,” said NLBMDA President and CEO Jonathan Paine.

NLBMDA’s 2015 National Policy Agenda will be distributed to members of Congress and key Administration officials and will be used by NLBMDA members when they visit their elected representatives during the NLBMDA Spring Meeting and Legislative Conference on March 23-25 in Washington, D.C.

News release provided by NLBMDA

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