NLBMDA survey reveals member sentiment on vaccine mandate

Vaccine mandate COVID-19 shot

A survey of National Lumber and Building Material Dealers Association shows that nearly 80% of affected members oppose President Biden’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate. The Emergency Temporary Standard (ETS) mandate states that companies with more than 100 employees must require COVID-19 vaccines or weekly testing for employees. Of NLBMDA members surveyed, 57% responded that they fall into the 100-plus category.

In an email to member, the NLBMDA share the results of its survey sent Sept. 10, as well as some key takeaways.

Summary of survey results:

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• 57% of respondents indicated they employ 100 individuals or more, therefore subjecting them to the OSHA ETS.

• Of these respondents, 81% do not support the COVID-19 vaccine mandate and weekly testing for non-vaccinated employees.

• 83% of respondents with 100 or more employees said the new mandate will negatively impact their business and ability to retain employees, noting the burden placed on employers to test weekly and the likelihood of employees moving to organizations under 100 employees that are not impacted by the new mandate.

• Those who responded in support of the new mandate noted the benefits of having a fully-vaccinated staff and less resources being spent on COVID recovery, sick leave usage, and contact tracing.

• 75% of all respondents support NLBMDA taking a policy position against the OSHA ETS.

Overall, concerns expressed by NLBMDA members regarding the new OSHA ETS include the financial impact from providing weekly testing for non-vaccinated employees, potential loss of employees, administrative challenges to maintain records of vaccinations and weekly testing, and potential disruptions in production and employee wellbeing.

NLBMDA reminded members that it will continue its work to ensure LBM dealers are not unnecessarily burdened by the upcoming ETS, and encouraged members to contact the agency with questions at

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