No Compromises: How Qora Cladding  Offers Your Customers the Best of Both Worlds     

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It simply is not fair that dealers have only had two options when it comes to stone. They either have to offer builders the incredibly expensive real thing or the undeniably cheap fake option.

That is not OK.

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Yes, real stone looks amazing. There is no doubting that. However, the cost of materials and labor is too expensive to be an ideal option for builders and their customers.

On the other end, the vinyl stone alternative does not look like real stone and is cheaply made. It is not durable enough for your customers to recommend it.

Qora Cladding is what you really need to offer.

Before Qora, builders could not install stone without a mason. With Qora, they have the ability to add the look of stone to their projects themselves. Yes, there are stone “alternatives,” but Qora Cladding is more durable, lasts longer and looks authentic.

What seems like a compromise between two options at first, is actually combining the best parts of each and removing their downsides.

Qora Cladding is designed using innovative surface properties that give it the look and feel of natural materials.

Essentially, it has the look, feel, and durability of real stone, but offers the ease of installation with lightweight panels that fit together quickly.

When you offer Qora Cladding to your customers, you enable builders to easily satisfy the aesthetic and performance needs of the homeowner WITHOUT the labor cost of a stone mason. Builders can add the look of stone with their existing crew – faster and easier than ever before!

You can see the difference for yourself by using Qora’s Time & Weight Estimator.

Installation Makes All The Difference

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The biggest advantage Qora Cladding offers your customers is that it weighs less, and installs faster and easier, than traditional brick and manufactured stone. With innovative, lightweight panels, it is easy to see its simplicity and efficiency.

Stone cladding panels are installed in the same way as siding: simply cut the panels with any standard diamond coated or tile saw blade and hang like you would typical siding. Each lightweight cladding panel is installed in rows, edge-to-edge, using convenient accessory pieces around openings and corners.

One of the biggest benefits of installation is that you do not need a mason.

Brick and stone installations require professional masons who are skilled, trained, and experienced in laying brick and stone. These installations require the ability to expertly cut brick and stone and apply cement and mortar to create beautiful, uniform joints.

Qora cladding panels, however, are simply cut and fastened with general carpentry skills. Professional bricklayers or stone masons are not required. This results in significantly less labor hours, saving your customers time and money.

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It all comes together beautifully with hidden joints and fasteners. Each panel is equipped with edges designed to fit flush for seamless installation and the disguising of joints and fasteners. This gives each project a clean, finished look that is indistinguishable from real stone.

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By selling a premium stone siding solution—that your competition does not offer—your customers can make more money through lower installation costs. And many of your builder customers that previously could not install stone veneer, now have an option to increase their margins as well.

Qora’s mission is to simplify the construction process by delivering better designed and better engineered products compared to traditional materials and installation methods. That is why we offer a 20-year-limited warranty on Qora Cladding products.

Qora cladding panels give your customers all the benefits of real and faux stone veneers with none of their weaknesses, making it the ideal solution for today’s modern builders.

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