NY Lumberyard’s Storefront Facelift Comes From Vendor

Novik Before
Matthews & Fields Transformation with Novik

As the Matthews & Fields Lumber Supply blog mentions, customers approaching the Henrietta, NY location can’t help but notice a huge change in the store’s appearance. “Calling it a ‘face lift’ is an understatement. It looks like our old store disappeared and a new one appeared overnight by magic,” the blog reads.

The change in the store came from a vendor relationship with Novik, a company that supplies Matthews & Fields Lumber Supply with simulated stone exterior siding and trim treatments for commercial and residential applications.

“Our facility was in need of a facelift,” Doug Fields, co-owner at Matthews & Fields said in a press release issued by Novik. “Now we can actually show our customers exactly how the products will look installed.”

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As an incentive and loyalty builder for new stocking dealers, Novik has launched a Dealer Beautification Program that revitalizes dealers’ facilities and storefronts.

“Many of these buildings have been in families for 75 or even 100 years and could use some exterior upgrades,” said Ralph Bruno, President, Novik Sales Corp. “This is a great way to show off the natural, rich looks of NovikShake and NovikStone, while revitalizing the dealer’s facility and giving them a realistic, life-size display.”

To participate, Novik stocking dealers order 20 squares of shake or stone (a square is a 10 X 10 square foot section) and the shake/stone products can be mixed and matched. For every 20 squares, the dealer has access to 10 squares of material to be installed on their own building. Bruno says the unique Dealer Beautification Program demonstrate’s Novik’s long-term commitment to dealers and based on positive feedback, the program will extend into 2016.