NyloBoard Invests in Manufacturing Upgrades

Enhancements are in response to high demand for NyloDeck®, NyloPorch® and NyloSheet®

Covington, GA – In response to broad market acceptance for its NyloDeck and NyloPorch brands, building materials manufacturer NyloBoard, LLC, has invested in a major capacity upgrade at its Covington, GA., based manufacturing facility. NyloBoard’s composite building materials products are made using 100 percent recycled carpet fiber and contain no wood or PVC.

NyloBoard’s eco-friendly products include NyloDeck, the only composite decking board rated to span 24 inches O.C., with an attractive natural wood look that is resistant to moisture, mold, mildew and termites. Its NyloPorch tongue and groove porch flooring product features the benefits of NyloDeck, while allowing for seamless designs from porches to outdoor decks. Both NyloDeck and NyloPorch possess the best expansion and contraction rate of all composites used in these applications. NyloSheet panel products provide outstanding strength and rigidity, often used in marine applications.

“In keeping with our commitment to continued innovation and sustainability, we’ve installed new, state-of-the-art machinery for the production of all NyloBoard products. We’ve also integrated several preventative maintenance features that will contribute to increased production and improve lead time for customers,” explained Doug Morse, president and COO, NyloBoard, LLC.

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The plant upgrade was originally planned to occur during the slower winter months. The schedule was accelerated, however due to higher than expected demand. The upgrade will allow us to fill backorders and build significant inventories for spring.

The capacity upgrade at NyloBoard includes the installation of two important pieces of equipment used in the company’s patented manufacturing process. These components are used to transform carpet fiber into uniquely durable, high-performing composite building materials.

As part of the capacity upgrade, NyloBoard also added enhancements to its resin applications systems and instituted preventative maintenance procedures on its fiber handling equipment. Along with the new equipment, these changes will also contribute to greater efficiencies and heightened quality control.

“NyloBoard takes great pride in producing high-performing products that are backed by extensive in-house and third-party testing,” noted Morse. “With our production enhancements in place, we will continue to conduct ongoing structural integrity testing on every run. We also inspect each board to ensure an impeccable finish that meets our high-quality standards.”

New Marketing Campaign Complements Capacity Upgrade

In addition to its capacity upgrade, NyloBoard has also recently unveiled a new marketing campaign that reinforces how the beauty of NyloBoard products is much more than “skin deep.” The print and digital campaign is designed to support sales for NyloBoard distributors and dealers by showcasing how the unique attributes of NyloDeck and NyloPorch redefine beauty, strength and performance from the inside out.

“Moving in to 2015, our customers can expect to benefit from even greater levels of support from us to help their businesses become more successful,” added Craig Jacks, vice president, Sales and Marketing at NyloBoard. “We are creating customer support programs that are even more customized to meet the individual needs of our customers. From dealer showroom display materials to digital assets and products resources, we’re focused on helping our customers demonstrate why NyloBoard products will exceed the expectations of our end-user customers.”

For more information about all NyloBoard products, visit www.Nyloboard.com.

News release provided by NyloBoard