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Provide your customers with alternatives to traditional wood decking with Fortress Building Products’ premium outdoor living solutions. Fortress® decking sidesteps any limitations of wood by pairing its warm, timeless beauty with the resiliency of composite and PVC. Ready to defend against the elements, Fortress decking products are lightweight, easy to maintain and are engineered to provide increased fade-, scratch-, slip-, splinter- and moisture-resistance.

Building professionals and DIY homeowners alike  can choose from Infinity® I-Series capped bamboo-plastic composite and Apex® capped bamboo-PVC composite deck boards with non-repeating grain patterns, enhanced wood grain textures and vibrant color palettes (with special order colors arriving this spring). Due to their moisture-resistive properties, vibrant hues like Tiger Cove and Alaskan Driftwood endure throughout the product’s lifetime and do not require staining or resealing to preserve their stunningly realistic appearance. Both the Infinity I-Series and Apex are a testament to “how innovative technologies can bring about high quality and high-performance for truly best-in-class products,” said Toby Bostwick, Vice President of Product & Brand for Fortress Building Products.

Infinity I-Series capped bamboo-plastic composite decking

Infinity I-Series is an innovative capped bamboo-plastic composite that is 40 percent lighter than alternative deck boards at 1.85 lbs. per ft, offering your customers easier handling and maneuverability. What’s more, its design draws on the historically proven I-beam shape to provide twice the strength of competitive decking options and enhanced ventilation—allowing for more breathing room between boards, reducing moisture accumulation. The product’s engineered profile further improves performance by offering increased slip resistance, improved heat dissipation and higher moisture resistance through unmatched density.

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To complement any outdoor living build, the Infinity I-Series is available in four stunning colors ranging from golden “Oasis Palm” to dramatic “Cape Town Grey.” Every board is unique thanks to a dual-embossing technique which replicates the individuality of a natural grain pattern.

Fortress Building Products

Apex capped bamboo-PVC composite decking

Fortress Building Products’ Apex capped bamboo-PVC composite decking consists of a cellular PVC core reinforced with bamboo for a solution that is 45 percent lighter than composite decking, making. Apex simple for your customers to handle and install. Each board is encapsulated in a high-grade acrylic polymer for ultimate protection and performance. The polymer provides a barrier against UV rays and can transmit water vapor more efficiently. Resin caps with a slightly “grabby” surface afford the highest slip-resistance in any climate—when tested by the Wet-Barefoot Inclining Platform Test, Apex achieved the highest classification.

The board’s unique bamboo-reinforced core also allows it to expand and contract approximately 25 percent less than other decking materials on the market. This results in a more consistent, uniform look. Better yet, the decking pairs the natural look of wood with the heralded strength of PVC. Its proprietary co-extrusion process and dual embossed boards work in tandem to deliver the sought-after appearance and texture of tropical hardwoods.

See how Fortress decking stacks up at fortressbp.com/decking. 

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More than a deck: Fortress Cladding

Both Infinity and Apex boards are also approved for cladding applications. Drawing from the tried and tested performance and aesthetic attributes of Fortress decking, Fortress cladding stands strong as the first line of defense against water infiltration and the effects of weathering. Stock one product with two applications. Learn more about Fortress’ wood-emulating cladding at FortressBP.com/cladding.

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