PALIGHT Trimboard® – a full line of USA-made trim & accessories

As more commercial and residential construction projects begin to pick up this Spring, you may be asking yourself questions like Am I offering the best quality trim out there, or Is my trim supplier really offering a great value?

Palram Americas, a leading multinational polycarbonate & PVC manufacturer, offers a USA-made line of PVC trim products known as PALIGHT® Trimboard.

Due to its high quality and standard protective film on both sides of reversible boards, PALIGHT Trimboard is an excellent choice for builders, contractors, fabricators, and architects alike, and is used in both residential and commercial construction projects.

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Noteworthy advantages:

●      Reduce total SKU count while still offering the same number of options to your customers with the reversible wood grain/smooth trim boards

●      Avoid the damages, returns, and delivery refusals commonly associated with mask-less trim

●      Expands 23% less than many competing products

●      Proven superior quality; no scalping or inconsistent surfaces

●      Liberal sample program, merchandising displays, and available sales support tools

●      Advanced core structure allows for superior milling, routing, turning, bending & other fabrication techniques

●      30-year transferable warranty

The PALIGHT Trimboard product line includes the following:

●      Boards and sheets in varying thicknesses

●      Column wraps, trim kits, and corners

●      Standard and pre-milled profiles

●      Decorative mouldings

●      Hidden fasteners

To see board sizing and color options, physical properties, or other product specs, download the sales brochure here.

Why PALIGHT Trimboard? No scalping!

Does your trim look like the competitor, or PALIGHT Trimboard?


One of the most important benefits of making the switch is that unlike many competitor products which suffer from inconsistent surface finishes, PALIGHT Trimboard doesn’t have visible chatter, and has sealed edges.

To learn about further benefits of switching to PALIGHT Trimboard, check out this article.


Fabricators: Why you need to target them

In today’s trim market, acquiring new avenues of business can often be challenging… One market that should be on your radar is fabrication!

By targeting fabricators with this product, you can significantly broaden your customer base. Fabricators have reported major success using PALIGHT Trimboard because it’s incredibly easy to machine using a variety of techniques, and because there are less voids than when working with similar materials.


See what a real fabricator had to say about PALIGHT Trimboard:

“None of the work that was done with the PALRAM product had any form of expansion or contraction…we could see that we were restoring a building the right way.” – Dave Pape, Owner of Old Forge Builders

See the full testimonial with Dave here.


To order free samples of PALIGHT Trimboard, submit a request here. We’ll ship directly to you!

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