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Palram’s PALCLAD Pro PVC wall cladding panels

Palram’s PALCLAD Pro PVC wall cladding panels are an attractive, easy-to-install, and cost-effective alternative to FRP. PALCLAD Pro doesn’t contain fiberglass, has a 5-year warranty, & will not erode or fiber-bloom, ensuring a sleek, long-lasting surface. These low maintenance panels are inherently bacteria, mold, and chemical resistant making them ideal for environments that are water-prone or require frequent cleaning.

Class A fire-rated, Clean Air Gold Certified & USDA/FDA compliant, panels are easy to glue or mechanically fasten to almost any solid, clean surface. Available in cracked ice, smooth or haircell finishes, along with connecting profiles.

PALCLAD Pro HYG is an antimicrobial wall cladding system which combines flat PVC panels with color-matched welding rods for a seamless, hygienic finish.

Palram’s cladding solutions are available in a variety of colors and sizes and are ideal for applications in public facilities, offices, warehouses, hospitals and clinics to commercial kitchens, food service, garages, basements, and workshops.

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