Parksite Names New CEO

Parksite, Inc. announced today the appointment of Ron Heitzman to CEO, succeeding George A. Pattee, who will remain Chairman of the Board.

“With close to 17 years of proven leadership as President and CFO, Ron is a natural fit,” said George Pattee, Chairman. “His industry knowledge, background, and strong relationships are a perfect mix to lead Parksite. His insights, leadership and experience will create value for our shareholders and deliver growth as the economy continues to improve.”

Ron Heitzman
Ron Heitzman

Prior to Parksite, Heitzman enjoyed a successful consulting career helping privately held companies with growth and strategy. “I came to Parksite 17 years ago because I saw a great group of people serving their customers with industry leading products and service. It was just this vibrant, positive culture. Usually that combination leads to tremendous opportunities,” Heitzman said. “I’m proud to be the next CEO to assume stewardship of this strong employee-owned company. Following in the footsteps of George Pattee, John Morrisroe, and Ray Biggins is a huge task and I’m fortunate to have the opportunity. Our commitment has been, and will always be, to create demonstrable value for our customers, our suppliers and our shareholders. Growth and sustainability are important to all of our stakeholders and we will deliver both.”

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George Pattee will remain Chairman of the Board focusing the company’s acquisition strategy, seeking candidates with matching or complementary business propositions to tie in with the present structure. Pattee will also continue to develop the independent Board of Director’s to drive creative excellence, innovation and continued growth.

Founded in 1971 by John Morrisroe and Ray Biggins, Parksite is 100% employee-owned. Nationally, Parksite has 9 locations and over 400 employee-owners.

Source: Parksite.