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Peel & Seal® Waterproofing Membrane

Peel & Seal® from MFM Building Products is a self-adhering, dependable waterproofing membrane engineered for a multitude of waterproofing applications. Peel & Seal® is a single-ply system that adheres directly to the roof deck. No coatings, tar, glues, or fasteners are required for installation, saving time, material, and labor costs. The finished product is virtually maintenance-free.

Since the product is designed to be left exposed to the elements, it is ideal for use as a low-slope roof covering. In addition, Peel & Seal® can also be used on metal roofs, sealing building seams, flashing around exterior penetrations, and any hard-to-waterproof area. The membrane is composed of two cross-laminated polyethylene films for extreme strength and durability.

Peel & Seal® is available in four color options of Aluminum, White, Almond, and Granite Gray, as well as seven width choices, and comes with a 10-year limited warranty.

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