Pony Jorgensen cutting rail guide

Pony Jorgensen, maker of the Jorgensen handscrew and other woodworking clamps, has launched a new 50″ Jorgensen cutting rail guide and 50″ cutting guide extension rail. Made with heavy-duty rigid aluminum, the 50″ Jorgensen cutting rail guide is designed to clamp onto work surfaces and allow for accurate cuts up to 50″ long. Featuring a handle-locking mechanism and built-in ruler, the new 97100 series is best suited for use with jigsaws, circular saws, routers, and other portable power tools. For workpieces longer than 50″, the 50″ cutting guide extension rail, which is sold separately, can be attached to the cutting guide, doubling the length of the cut and clamping up to 100″. ponyjorgensen.com

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