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Power Pro’s Leading Edge

The Hillman Group strives to deliver the highest quality products, and Power Pro® takes this to a new level. Developed in the heart of the Midwest, Power Pro is constantly in pursuit of perfection. Since the brand’s beginning in 2001 for interior and exterior wood screws, the Power Pro name has exuded precision and excellent execution of high-performance fasteners expanding to all base materials including wood, metal, cement board, concrete, brick, and block.

Through constant evolution and innovation, Power Pro’s mission is to set the tone of the industry with features that are second to none. Power Pro engineers products to perform flawlessly for trade professionals, DIYers, and hobbyists alike.

Engineering Innovation 

Power Pro secured its place at major retailers by tirelessly striving for excellence and flawlessly refining its product line.


Power Pro has continued to innovate in the following categories:

  • Power Pro® ONE® Multi-Material Screws are the ONE screw you’ll ever need. ONE Multi-Material Screws work seamlessly with multiple materials including wood, drywall, plastic, metal, and masonry. 
  • Power Pro® Metal Screws drive up to 20% faster, have greater pullout values, and self-drill into metal up to 1/8” thick, making them an excellent solution for metal fastening projects.
  • Power Pro® Cement Board Screws were specifically constructed with a broad purpose — to securely fasten to all brands of cement board. Power Pro Cement Board Screws were designed to increase mortar adhesion, provide a cleaner finish, and deliver faster installation.
  • Power Pro® Concrete Screw Anchors is the only concrete fastener pros and DIYers alike will ever need, offering higher pullout values, and greater corrosion protection. Power Pro Concrete Screws are I.C.C. Building Code approved. 
  • Power Pro® Structural Wood Screws are the newest addition to Power Pro’s groundbreaking lineup. Continue to the next section to discover how this breakthrough is setting a new standard in the industry. 

The Latest in Power Pro’s Line of Innovation

Introducing Power Pro Structural Wood Screws. A complete line of innovative, building code-approved fasteners that set a new benchmark for industry performance. Power Pro Structural Screws are engineered for speed, low energy consumption, strength, and durability. 

The line-up features 5 patented screw type:

  • Structural Lag screws are versatile and created for wood-to-wood construction, making them ideal for a variety of indoor and outdoor projects.
  • TimberTite® are heavy duty hex head screws best suited for landscape, walls, decks, fencing and other wood-to-wood construction.
  • Lumbertite® are heavy duty flat head screws crafted for general wood-to-wood construction without pre-drilling. 
  • LedgerTite® screws are designed to directly fasten to the rim joist of a house without pre-drilling or the need for a washer.
  • TrussTite® screws are specifically designed to join engineered lumber together (LVL, PSL, and LSL). 

The entire Power Pro Structural Wood Screw line requires no pre-drilling and has an innovative thread design that provides 30% faster installation* and allows users to drive more screws per battery charge. The durable epoxy coating provides 4 layers of corrosion protection and is AC257 treated lumber certified. Built for durability and longevity, all Power Pro Structural Wood Screws have grade 5 strength.

 *Independent testing to prove 30% faster than competitive brands

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