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ProWood is standing out from the crowd with all new, bold black end tags. ProWood has modified its treatment and application standards to educate consumers about the difference between treated lumber options, so their projects have long-lasting performance.

ProWood highlights their three most common treatment levels: Light Duty, Above Ground, and Ground Contact. Many manufacturers and dealers embrace ground-contact treated lumber to eliminate confusion and ensure their customers are covered regardless of the application. Instead, ProWood focuses on educating homeowners and professionals to not only choose the right lumber but also to understand the reason behind it.

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If you’re unsure what type of lumber your customer needs, ask them if their project will be challenging to maintain, critical to the integrity of a structure, less than 6 inches from the ground, subject to inadequate ventilation, or exposed to frequent moisture. Helping customers to choose the appropriate lumber for various applications will lead to beautiful, reliable projects that stand the test of time.



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