PPG has introduced PPG MACHINECOAT WB (waterborne) weathering stain for new commercial cedar shingles. The low volatile organic compound (low-VOC) stain is an alternative to traditional solvent-based PPG Machinecoat alkyd weathering stains. Whitish-gray when machine-applied to new cedar shingles, PPG Machinecoat WB weathering stain lightens over a six-to-nine-month period, gradually assuming the appearance of aged cedar that blends naturally into its surroundings. The faux- weathered appearance lasts until the cedar begins to age and fade naturally. PPG Machinecoat WB weathering stain is designed to provide a uniform, weathered appearance when applied to white cedar shingles and air-dries in approximately 30 minutes in ambient conditions. It also can be force-dried under suitable conditions. www.ppgmachineappliedcoatings.com

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