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Product Picks: April 2024


A thermally modified wood that is both sourced and modified in North America, KLAASWOOD uses a 2nd generation hydrolysis technology that allows wood modification to be achieved without the use of harmful chemicals and at lower temperatures, which is less stressful on the wood and, according to the manufacturer, results in a stronger, more stable product. The enhanced durability allows KLAASWOOD to be certified at Class 1 durability, the highest available class that extends the warranty to 20 years.


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RDI Railing’s New Website

RDI Railing has launched its new website, For architects, contractors and property managers, the website includes all the necessary resources needed to provide superior service, including marketing materials; installation instructions and videos; CAD files; BIM models and product spec information. The new website is intended to inspire homeowners, designers and builders while simplifying the process for selecting and buying materials. Moreover, the site is meant to help advance projects by providing access to experienced contractors though the company’s network.


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FastenMaster FrameFAST

FastenMaster introduces the new FrameFAST fastener, now featuring the patented TORX ttap Drive system. This new design empowers pros with the choice of using a standard impact driver or the award winning FrameFAST tool. According to FastenMaster, FrameFAST replaces many commonly used hurricane ties, installing 5X faster without the need for compressors, nailers, and hoses. The new 50-piece box and 250-piece bucket will include a free alignment guide ensuring a code compliant connection and TORX ttap driver bits that deliver a wobble-free drive. The new fastener is certified for continuous load path applications including securing roof trusses, wall studs and plates, in addition to attaching deck joists to carrying beams. Backed by FastenMaster’s ProjectLife Guarantee, FrameFAST is guaranteed for the life of the project and is approved for use in ACQ pressure treated wood.


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Rmax Below Grade

Rmax, a division of the Sika Corporation that specializes in developing and producing insulation solutions, has launched Rmax Below Grade. According to the manufacturer, this insulation solution provides superior insulation and protection to below-grade foundation applications, while meeting energy code requirements. Made from polyiso insulation, Rmax Below Grade incorporates a durable water-resistant facer onto the closed-cell foam core, ensuring the optimal solution for below-grade applications. The product is reported to meet R-10 code requirements with only 1.5″ of polyiso, which is 25% less material to achieve the same standard as traditional XPS boards.


EcoSmart Stud

The EcoSmart Construction Stud is reported by the manufacturer to provide better R Factor, less weight, and increased strength. The EcoSmart Stud places strategic slots and gaps in a solid 2×6 wood stud to allow higher value insulation to fill in those gaps. With insulation filling the gaps, the R-value of the EcoSmart stud is over 100% better than a standard solid 2×6. The EcoSmart stud with the higher R-value lowers the thermal bridging energy loss from the standard stud. Less Thermal Bridging loss equals lower energy bills.


Steel Board & Batten Siding

Central States recently launched its latest offering, Central States Board & Batten steel siding. According to the manufacturer, residential contractors and custom home builders, homeowners, commercial building owners, and architects and designers can now utilize the strength and durability of metal while imparting a welcoming and enduring character and delivering lasting value in fifteen painted and three wood grain finishes. Metal board and batten eliminates the need for painting or repainting throughout its lifespan. As one of the most environmentally-friendly building materials, metal is 100% recyclable, and it dissipates heat, contributing to cooler interiors. The siding offers custom lengths up to 30′ and widths up to 25.25″. Crafted from 26-gauge steel, one of the heaviest gauges available, the siding comes with a lifetime paint warranty.


MI Windows Sunrise Collection

MITER Brands’ MI Windows Sunrise Collection uses the brand’s new 4SG spacer system. According to the manufacturer, the one-piece, warm-edge spacer replaces the spacer bar, primary seal, and desiccant common on competitive spacer systems, with a permanently flexible edge that is more forgiving under heat, pressure, and other environmental conditions for improved energy efficiency. The 4SG spacer system meets or exceeds ENERGY STAR requirements in all four climate zones, and it chemically bonds to the glass, creating a nearly unbreakable seal that locks in the insulating gas virtually for decades. The chemical bond stays strong without expansion or compression cycling. Combined with high elasticity thermoplastic material, the spacer is designed to withstand extreme temperatures and pressure variations.


Trex Seal Sub-Ledger Tape

This new butyl tape is engineered specifically for use behind the ledger board. Measuring 22″ wide, Trex Seal Sub-Ledger Tape creates a continuous water-tight seal between the ledger board and the house wrap to prevent water from infiltrating the house. Reinforced with an aluminum liner, the self-adhering, butyl-based tape fully covers the back of the ledger board and integrates with the house wrap to provide a continuous seal for optimal protection against moisture and water penetration. It also creates a water-tight seal around ledger fasteners. According to Trex, the tape is designed for easy application with a convenient triple-release liner that allows installers to bend and set it in place without it flexing back like other flashing tapes.


Cutek Products

Cutek’s range of products are designed to prepare, protect, and enhance natural wood products. According to the manufacturer, they are meant to be used as a protection system used in a two-step procedure—first, to properly prepare wood for coating, whatever condition it is in, then protect its natural beauty and provide added dimensional stability for long-term protection. The Prepare line of products include Cutek Wood Reviver, Cutek Quickclean, and Cutek Wood Stripper that is formulated to clean, strip, or restore exterior wood to its original state: For long-term protection that penetrates deeply into the wood, Cutek offers a Protect line: Cutek Extreme protects from the inside out by displacing water, maintaining dimensional stability, and significantly reducing cupping, warping, checking, and splitting; Cutek Colortone will provide transparent UV protection and help retain or alter the color of the freshly oiled wood; Cutek Extreme stays permanently mobile in the wood, migrating to cuts or perforations with a self-healing action.


CLiC Glass Switchable Privacy Glass

Now available from Marvin, CLiC Glass switchable privacy glass uses a proprietary liquid crystal technology to transition between clear views or a privacy setting in less than one second. When in the clear state, liquid crystals align for glass that is clear from edge to edge and from any angle. When in the privacy state, liquid crystals scatter to create uniform diffused illumination across the window’s glass surface, providing privacy while still allowing light to enter a space.


Accoya Color Decking

Accoya wood and distribution partner Sierra Forest Products have teamed up to debut the new Accoya Color Grey decking. According to the manufacturer, Accoya Color is the next generation of high-performance wood with Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), Declare labeled, and Cradle to Cradle Certified Gold certifications. The wood is transformed into a uniquely durable, nontoxic exterior solution for decking and siding profiles, playgrounds, and landscaping designs through a modification process called acetylation.


Rocky Boots MonoCrepe Collection

The Rocky MonoCrepe Collection of western work boots brings on a proprietary lightweight oil and slip resisting Rocky MonoCrepe outsole and the Rocky Air-Port Lite sponge PU footbed with memory foam. Waterproof full grain leather combined with all around waterproofing by Rocky guarantees to keep feet dry and protected, says the manufacturer. Made to last with the help of a double stitch flex welt construction and a fiberglass shank for added support, the boot offers a stable platform that helps reduce foot fatigue and discomfort. An expansion fit seam allows for easy on and off after a long day of work. In addition, the boot meets ASTM F2892 electrical hazard standard and is offered in soft toe or steel toe.


Ventilated Interior Door from VanAir

At this year’s International Builders’ Show, VanAir unveiled the VanAir Door, featuring a patented, built-in ventilation system along with reported exceptional acoustics and superb aesthetics. Designed for both commercial and residential applications, the VanAir Door features staggered slot openings on the door’s opposing faces to create a unique through door airflow channel for enhanced air circulation. According to VanAir, the improved air circulation helps reduce air pollutants such as CO2, which can lead to respiratory illnesses, poor sleep, and breathing disorders. Proper ventilation also helps dissipate humidity to prevent mold and bacteria growth in bathrooms, balances air pressure and temperatures throughout a building, and prevents heat buildup in laundry and mechanical rooms.


DELTA-TERRAXX Drainboard System

Dörken Systems Inc., a manufacturer of high-performance air and moisture barriers and building envelope products, has launched a new drainboard system in North America. Named DELTA-TERRAXX and DELTA-TERRAXX PLUS, new drainboard systems are for horizontal, vertical, and blindside drainage requirements. The unique TYPAR geotextile bonded to a dimple sheet allows for a higher drainage capacity than the average mineral drainage layer. Most importantly, the quality geotextile withstands heavy structural loads, backfill, or soil overburden, meaning the drainage space won’t clog and drainage capacity stays steady. DELTA-TERRAXX PLUS comes in large, optimally sized rolls that are easy to cut and detail; large spaces can be covered faster and with less ballast, creating more useable working areas.

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