Product Picks: February 2019

Each month, hundreds of products hit the market. Here’s our pick of the ones to watch.

Glenview Doors arched entries
Arched entries are new to Glenview Doors’ ready-to-ship and in stock program. The distinctive arched designs give a custom-designed look in a standard two-week lead time. Using Glenview’s unique Euro Tech layered panel construction and engineered stiles and rails wrapped in solid mahogany, the doors are designed to be durable to withstand the elements. Glenview’s in-stock entries feature door slabs measuring 2-3/4″ thick, roughly double the thickness of existing solid wood options, the company says. The additional thickness allows for a warranted wood product that doesn’t rely on an overhang or expensive multi point hardware to receive a warranty. In-stock entries arrive pre-finished and pre-hung. Glenview’s stock program features traditional and modern designs and also offers custom capabilities as part of its custom build program.

UFP Edge Timeless nickel gap shiplap and trim
Designed for rustic and modern styles, Universal Forest Products’ Edge Timeless series shiplap and trim is available in 4″, 6″, and 8″ widths. The product features a 1/8″ nickel gap edge, developed to ensure a consistent line for an authentic farmhouse look. An available 1×4 matching trip provides a complementary frame. Each board is made from finger-jointed, knot-free radiata pine, said to resist warping. Available in ready-to-finish primed white or pre-painted in farmhouse white, cavalry blue, or midnight black PPG brand paint.

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GPS Insight Vehicle and Asset Tracking Solutions
Lumber distributors with trucks and trailers typically turn to GPS Insight Fleet Tracking Solutions with one of three issues: 1) They don’t know where or how their vehicles and equipment are being driven or used. 2) They are concerned with driver and public safety and their company’s liability for accidents. 3) They are worried they have inefficient processes that waste valuable time and money. GPS Insight Vehicle and Asset Tracking Solutions are designed to allow a lumber business to manage its mobile assets. The software was developed to enable lumber dealers to view real- time and historical activity, reduce overhead costs, increase overall productivity, enhance customer service, and more.

Simpson Strong-Tie Quik Stik fastening tool
Simpson Strong-Tie’s Quik Stik rafter and truss fastening system for overhead fastening is designed to provide speedier and more accurate fastening of rafter and truss assemblies. With a reach exceeding 43″, the Quik Stik installation tool was developed to eliminate the need for ladders and replace heavy pneumatic power nailers and compressor lines. Attach the Quik Stik to any corded or cordless drill or impact driver, load a Strong-Drive SDWC Truss screw into the Quik Stik head, and drive the screw. Designed specifically for use with the Strong-Drive SDWC Truss screw in rafter and truss connections, the Quik Stik efficiently fastens a variety of these installations via the narrow face of stud through the top plate; via the wide face of the stud through the top plate; and into trusses or rafters offset from the stud.

Tie-Master and Lag-Master fasteners from Grabber
Grabber’s Tie-Master and Lag-Master are code-compliant structural framing fasteners designed to be used for nearly all wood-to-wood framing projects. Tie-Master and Lag-Master are engineered as an all-purpose solution for deck ledgers, stair stringers, LVL beams, cabinet installations, roof trusses, girders, and more. Customers can choose the appropriate fastener length. Tie-Master and Lag-Master both feature a type-17 point which is designed to eliminate the need for pre-drilling. Both Tie-Master and Lag-Master meet ICC-ES 3531 requirements for strength, shear, and pull-out values. Tie-Master is recommended for joining wood to wood when a smooth finish is desired. When attaching structural plates, hinge plates, or when decorative metal pieces are used, Lag-Master is recommended.

Milwaukee Extra Bold Large Capacity Chalk Reels

Milwaukee’s 100′ and 150′ Extra Bold Large Capacity Chalk Reels are designed to provide long gear life and the durability needed to perform larger layout applications. Milwaukee’s chalk reels feature a planetary gear system designed to distribute force evenly over three gears, putting less stress on internal components to prolong life. The reels also feature a retraction ratio of 4:1, as well as 18oz and 24oz capacities designed to allow for more lines between refills. An extra-large quick turn opening and a stable refill base is said to make refills quick and easy. The new chalk reels offer a line-tensioning feature, designed to give users more control of the line. Available in Extra Bold, Bold, and Fine lines.

Boral’s TruExterior Siding & Trim Nickel Gap profile
TruExterior Siding & Trim’s Nickel Gap tongue-and-groove profile is self-gapping, designed to allow installers to achieve this historical look quickly and easily. Made with Boral’s proprietary blend of polymers and fly ash, TruExterior siding is built to provide a high level of dimensional stability for reduced expansion and contraction, and durability for resistance to warping, cracking, and splitting. As a result, the siding requires no sealing of ends or cuts in the field, it can be used in ground-contact applications, and it can be painted any color, including dark hues.

Trex Signature Railing
Signature Railing from Trex is designed to be spare, sturdy and modern. Signature Railing is made of powder-coated aluminum said to accommodate fast assembly and low maintenance, and serve as a quick and easy alternative to cables. The corrosion-resistant materials are compatible with cocktail rail and Trex composite posts. Signature Railing cocktail rails are designed to hold planters, drinks, and more. Choose from round or square balusters, and the rails can be ordered curved to mimic sweeps in landscape. Trex Signature aluminum posts include a cap and skirt and pair with a rail and baluster kit or a rail and rod kit. The rod rail requires no special installation tools or tightening. Available in Charcoal Black, Bronze, and Classic White colors. Features Trex’s 25-year limited warranty.

Schweiss Doors greasable door hinges
Schweiss Doors has engineered a greaseable hinge with a removable hinge pin. The new hinge design, with grease zerks on every hinge, was developed to let bifold door users grease hinges from the underside of the doorframe without having to go through the process of removing the top rubber weather seal. Schweiss Doors greaseable door hinges are for bifold and hydraulic doors.


Woodtone RealTrim Treated
A two-step treated sealant process used in creating RealTrim Treated has been engineered by Sherwin Williams, the largest coating expert in North America. This treatment has been made specifically for Woodtone RealTrim Treated. The product is warranted against mold and mildew growth as tested by ASTM standards, and is available with a 25-year warranty. Applications include interior and exterior trim and fascia boards; window door and trim; bellyband trim; garage door liner; and rake and frieze boards.

SPAX Powerlags
Powerlags, SPAX’s structural wood-to-wood connection fasteners feature a patented thread technology developed to allow the screw to be driven faster, be easier to install, and reduce wood splitting. The High Corrosive Resistant (HCR) coating is said to make the screws ideal for use in treated lumber and exterior applications. Powerlags require no pre-drilling and feature built-in washer head designs (T-star and hex type).

ProVia glazed finishes for entry doors
ProVia’s glazed finishes (available for Embarq and Signet fiberglass entry doors) are designed to provide a distinctive weathered, rustic look. To create this finish, the stain on each entry door is hand-applied by ProVia’s craftsmen, who apply brush-stroke variations in the depth of stain color on the fiberglass. ProVia’s glazed finishes are said to work well with Craftsman-style homes, Victorians, European, French-style architectures as well as Cape Cods and Dutch farmhouses. ProVia’s glazed finishes are covered by a 10-year finish warranty.


X-Lock Interface from Bosch
Bosch metal-cutting and grinding abrasive wheels with the X-Lock mount feature a wheel change that’s three times faster than conventional interfaces, the company says. X-Lock wheels are ejected with a lever pull and firmly connected without the need for a spanner wrench or flange nuts. An audible snap tells the user that the wheel is installed securely on the tool. The X-Lock accessories are designed to provide faster change-out for grinders with X-Lock mounts, and most are backward compatible with standard 7/8″ mounts. High-quality wheels are designed to cover core grinding applications including but not limited to bonded discs, flap discs, wire wheels, and diamond blades.

Fypon Craftsman Crosshead
The Fypon Craftsman Crosshead design was introduced to enhance curb appeal and draw more attention to a home. Long linear lengths are said to eliminate the need for multiple jobsite visits, since the product can be measured and cut to exact requirements. The product is designed for easy installation, just measure and cut, then glue and screw. Multiple molding build-up is not necessary. The Craftsman Cove end caps overlap the breast board to conceal installation screws and eliminate the need for patching. Installation over large openings is said to be simplified as the long length reduces the requirement of placing two pieces together, then patching to cover the cut. Can be ordered to the exact measurement required for any project.

Home visualization from Therma-Tru and Renoworks
Therma-Tru and Renoworks Software have partnered to integrate Therma-Tru’s Design Your Door tool with the Renoworks home visualization platform. This integration is designed to allow homeowners to view the most up-to-date library of Therma-Tru doors on their home with participating Renoworks dealers. Therma-Tru’s Design Your Door tool intuitively guides homeowners through various door styles, design choices, finishes and other customization options. Therma-Tru’s Design Your Door experience can be used across all Renoworks visualization technology solutions where Therma-Tru products are available.

Quik Drive PRODW drywall system
Simpson Strong-Tie’s lightweight, auto- feed screw driving system for drywall applications is an extension of its Quik Drive line. PRODW drywall system features a lighter-weight tool body said to enhance durability and ergonomics. The system includes a collated-screw feed mechanism designed to provide consistent and efficient screw delivery, a self-locking depth adjustment for accurate drive and depth and a fully rotatable driver adapter for hard-to- get areas. Curved, collated strips are designed to hold screws away from the tool’s nose to prevent scratching or marring the surface of materials. Quik Drive auto-feed screw driving systems are designed for one-handed operation. Backed by a lifetime limited warranty.

Conceal Column Wraps from Royal Building Products
Royal Building Products’s Conceal Column Wraps are available in Traditional, Craftsman and Builder styles. The 100% cellular PVC column wraps feature a “clam shell” design with three pre-assembled sides that surround the existing post, designed for a seamless appearance. The fourth side is applied to enclose the entire column. Royal’s Column Wraps are said to be resistant to moisture, preventing issues found in traditional wood columns, such as warping, rotting and insect damage. Royal’s new column wraps, capitals and bases are available in the three unique styles. They’re said to be virtually maintenance-free and easy to install using typical tools. Backed by a limited 25-year warranty.

DAP Kwik Seal Ultra
Kwik Seal Ultra from DAP is a siliconized bath and kitchen sealant formulated with ultra hydrophobic technology designed to repel water, soap scum, stains and dirt so mildew can’t grow, stains won’t stick and dirt rinses off. It’s also backed by a lifetime mold and mildew guarantee for the sealant to stay looking clean, fresh and new. Kwik Seal Ultra is designed to be easy to use. It applies smoothly, is low in odor, cleans up with water and is water ready in four hours. The product is said to provide a durable, waterproof seal around sinks, showers, tubs, backsplashes, countertops and fixtures.

Deckorators’ Voyage composite decking
Voyage, the new composite decking from Deckorators, features the company’s patented Eovations technology, designed to deliver what is said to be the industry’s best strength-to-weight ratio. Eovations also absorbs virtually no moisture, which virtually eliminates thermal expansion or contraction. Deckorators says Voyage decking provides 34% or greater surface traction than other leading brands of composite decking. Vertical grain variegation is featured to give Voyage a trend- forward appearance. Voyage comes in four colors: Costa (golden brown), Mesa (red brown), Sierra (dark gray), and Tundra (gray). Voyage will be available for 2019 in 12′, 16′ and 20′ solid and slotted-edge profiles, as well as 12′ fascia. It is backed by a 25-year structural, 25-year stain-and-fade, and 25-year removal-and-replacement limited warranty that covers water and ground contact.

DEWALT TOOL CONNECT Mid-Range Impact Wrench
DEWALT has added to its growing line of 20V MAX tools with the XR 1/2″ Mid- Range Impact Wrench featuring the TOOL CONNECT system (DCF896). The TOOL CONNECT system allows for tool control through its PRECISION WRENCH and PRECISION TAP control features, as well as a variety of additional customizable settings within the TOOL CONNECT app. The impact wrench achieves 0-2000 RPM, 3100 impacts per minute, and a maximum torque of 330 ft.-lbs. in forward and 600 ft.-lbs. in reverse. At 6.95″ in length and 3.48 lbs. (tool only), it’s available in both Hog Ring and Detent Pin configurations. This wrench also features a brushless motor, variable speed trigger, and LED light.


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