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Product Picks: February 2022

Each month, hundreds of products and services vie for industry attention. Here are some that our editors think will interest LBM Journal readers.

Simpson Strong-Tie’s updated sizes for field-adjustable LSSR rafter hangers

Simpson Strong-Tie now offers its LSSR rafter hanger in 2x lumber sizes that can install with both miter-cut and square-cut joists for plated truss. The three new models—LSSR26Z, LSSR28Z, and LSSR210Z—feature a ZMAX finish designed for extra corrosion protection and respectively accommodate 2×6, 2×8, and 2×10 lumber. Like the original
LSSR models, the new sizes are field-adjustable for skews up to 45° and feature an innovative hinged swivel seat that adjusts up to a 45° slope. LSSR hangers can be installed after all of the rafters have been tacked into place, which the manufacturer says boosts contractor versatility, productivity, and efficiency on the jobsite. All LSSR models, including these new 2x sizes, are tested and code listed in IAPMO ER-280. The new models fully replace 2x LSU/LSSU sizes.


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Feeney DesignRail Wood Grain finish

Feeney’s Wood Grain finishes for DesignRail Top Rail are available in three wood patterns—Cherry, Walnut, and Weathered Gray. All are designed to be realistic looking, and are suited for both exterior and interior applications. Designed with a durable, fade-resistant powder coat, the finish offers the organic look of wood without the ongoing maintenance requirements. Available as a DesignRail custom option, the Wood Grain finishes adhere to AAMA 2604 coating specifications for impact and weather resistance, and color retention. The Wood Grain Top Rail can be mixed with any DesignRail frame color, including a range of standard or custom colors, and can match the wood used on the deck.


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LP WeatherLogic Air & Water Barrier

LP WeatherLogic Air & Water Barrier is now an APA Structural I rated wall and roof sheathing. With the addition of this product, LP Structural Solutions offers a full portfolio of framing and sheathing solutions designed to help achieve a tight building envelope. Backed by LP’s 30-year limited warranty, LP WeatherLogic Air & Water Barrier is designed to withstand temperature cycling and deliver consistent, long-term protection. LP WeatherLogic panels are built to help safeguard homes from water intrusion while allowing moisture vapor to escape. An integrated wall and roof sheathing solution, it combines both air and water protection with the increased structural capacity of a Structural I rating. LP WeatherLogic system is installed with AAMA 711-13 approved acrylic seam and flashing tape, and can be used with LP WeatherLogic Water Screen, a screen designed to drain water from between cladding and water resistive barriers, to maximize the moisture protection of a home.


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ODL’s Mistify textured glass

Mistify from ODL is designed to be a combination of pattern and texture. The new product blends textured glass and a drip pattern inspired by abstract impressionism to create a unique, multi-dimensional effect. According to the manufacturer, the result is a dramatic blend of style and privacy that creates an amazing first impression on any home. As a result of the ceramic frit process, the black pattern becomes part of the glass, making Mistify doorglass scratch-and fade-resistant. It is engineered to not discolor when exposed to household cleaners or normal wear-and-tear. The low maintenance internal grilles are said to add architectural flair to home styles from modern farmhouse to contemporary industrial. Available in a variety of doorglass and sidelight sizes, frames, and grilles between glass configurations. Mistify is available in ENERGY STAR qualified sizes and is made with energy efficiency-boosting low-E glass. In addition, select sizes are available with laminated Severe Weather glass.


Curri delivery and logistics platform

Last mile delivery management software from Curri is a tool developed to streamline the delivery process from beginning to end. Curri allows users to pick from three priority delivery options: rush, same day, and scheduled. Users then choose among cargo vans, pickup trucks, box trucks, flatbeds, and so on for delivery. Curri services include dispatch management, live tracking, delivery ETAs, photo of materials at pick up and drop off locations, live chat, and more. Curri allows users to see where materials are from the pick-up, middle-mile, and until the delivery. According to Curri, users have saved more than 30% on operational costs such as fleet insurance and maintenance.


Fortress Steel pergolas

Fortress Building Products’ newest category, pergolas, combine steel’s weatherability and low maintenance qualities with its modern aesthetic that the manufacturer says brings lasting style to the backyard. The structural steel is dual-layer protected against fire, corrosion, twisting, insects, and rot. Customers can select from three freestanding pergola styles, including one Traditional and two Modern options. Customers can preview the Traditional and Modern pergola styles in a variety of formations using the Pergola Visualizer. Fortress pergolas offer dealers and distributors that currently stock Evolution steel deck framing a low barrier to entry, as the two steel building products share the same SKU. The assembly is backed by a 25-year limited manufacturer warranty.


Boral Roofing Sol-R-Skin BLUE roof underlayment

Sol-R-Skin BLUE roofing underlayment is a thermal insulating and reflective solution designed to provide protection from the elements while enhancing energy-saving capabilities. According to the manufacturer, Sol-R-Skin BLUE is suitable for use under nearly all steep sloped roofing materials and ideal for application in any climate and at any temperature, Sol-R-Skin BLUE product is UV resistant and boasts an anti-glare coating in cool blue. Sol-R-Skin BLUE is offered in 54″ x 100′ rolls and designed to be quickly nailed into place, with an adhesive strip at the headlap offering wind uplift resistance. Each 45-pound roll of Sol-R-Skin BLUE roof underlayment offers 450 square feet of product with a nominal thickness of 3/8″.


SPAX PowerTrim finishing and composite-PVC trim screws

The new SPAX specialty fastener is designed for use in attaching wood and
composite/PVC trim boards for residential home interior and exterior work. Partial
thread applications include window and door casing attachment, base-boards, cabinetry, door jambs, stairs and railings, crown molding, and fine carpentry. Reverse double thread applications include fascia trim, baseboards, window and door trim, and countertop trim. PowerTrim fasteners include features such as: T-STAR plus drive within a cylindric head and a UNIQUE 4CUT point designed for quick and easy installation with no pre-drilling required. PowerTrim fasteners also feature a reverse double thread for PVC applications engineered to pull and hide pigtail shavings and eliminate bulging. Available in both #8 and #9 diameters and in lengths of 1-1/4″, 1-1/2″, 2″, 2-1/2″, 3-1/8″ 4″ and 5″.


TamlynWrap Drainable

TamlynWrap Drainable is a high-performance water and air resistive barrier with a unique drainage pattern designed for the harsh conditions of a jobsite and all climate zones. TamlynWrap Drainable is made from multiple non-woven and barrier layers that the manufacturer says provide moisture and air infiltration protection with added drainage capability. According to the manufacturer, the drainage pattern can remove 100 times more bulk water from a wall versus standard wraps, offering enhanced moisture management and drying. The product is designed to be used in commercial, multi-family, or residential applications, and is ideal for use over coated or non-coated sheathing systems. The non-woven structure is backed by a warranty of up to 25 years.


DURASPIN auto-feed attachments

SENCO has its line of DURASPIN auto-feed screwdrivers with the new DS530 series of attachments that are designed to instantly turn DeWalt, Makita, and SENCO drivers into tools that feed collated screws automatically. The attachments, which feed screws from 1″ to 3″ long, can be attached directly to DeWalt, Makita, or SENCO screwdrivers with an adaptor included for one-handed fastening of drywall, fence boards, sheathing, cement board, and more. Additionally, each DS530 attachment comes with a 3′ extension pole that turns the driver into a stand-up tool, which is said to reduce back and joint strain when attaching deck boards, subfloor, underlayment, and more. The DS530 attachment line-up includes an extension pole, power-grip adjustable handle, adaptors, and three drive bits.



VZClip, a hidden clip and fastener system from VERSATEX Building Products, is designed to speed up and simplify the installation of two VERSATEX PVC 3/4″ trim profiles. According to the manufacturer, negative windload tests by an independent, accredited, third-party testing agency, VZClips exceeded the equivalent windload of a Category 3 hurricane. VERSATEX recommends installing VZClips every 16″ on center, using #8 1-5/8″ galvanized or stainless-steel screws. A package of VZClips (screws not included) will cover about 180 square feet, or approximately 21 18′ boards.


ProVia manufactured stone

ProVia manufactured stone is designed to look and feel like the real thing because each mold is handcrafted to capture the depth and character of natural stone. Deep shadow lines are combined with authentic coloring to produce dramatic effects in each manufactured stone profile. According to the manufacturer, natural stones from unique geographic regions are used for every master mold and raw pigments, and oxides are used for rich color. Instead of appearing only on the surface of stone faces, the colors permeate throughout, giving each a natural look, even in exterior applications when exposed to weathering. ProVia manufactured stone is designed to replicate the structural diversity found in the environment. Slab-shaped profiles, such as Terra Cut and Natural Cut, are chunky and full; tiled configurations, like Edge Cut, Dry Stack and PrecisionFit mimic densely pressed sandstone; and curved or irregular silhouettes—River Rock and Ridge Cut—assume the imprecise, asymmetrical shapes found in nature.


TigerClaw by FastenMaster

FastenMaster’s TigerClaw TC-G Hidden Clip for Grooved Decking and the TigerClaw Installation Gun,
are engineered to be the fastest way to attach hidden clips on all leading deck brands including Fiberon, Trex, and more. The TC-G Hidden Clip is designed to work in pre-grooved decking planks or non-grooved decking planks using the TC-150 slot cutter. According to the manufacturer, the clip’s sharp prongs embed into the upper portion of the groove for strong holding power, and the stainless-steel screw ensures a lasting connection between decking board and joist. The Tiger Claw Pneumatic Installation Gun features a unique nose piece that holds clips in the correct position every time, firing a screw nail (scrail) through the clip into the joist—fastening the deck board to the joist in one step. On average, FastenMaster says, the installation gun will install about 400 square feet of decking in an hour.


Maze Nails stainless steel Slim-Jim wood siding nails

Maze Nails slender, blunt-pointed wood siding nails are made from high tensile stainless  steel to minimize bending and reduce splitting. According to the manufacturer, the nails are developed for redwood and cedar siding, especially on wood to be left natural or to receive treatment with semitransparent coatings or clear finishes. The small checker head can be countersunk and is developed to better hold stain and paints. A Ring shank is designed to give users extra holding power to ensure siding stays in place.


Benjamin Obdyke’s self-adhered drainable housewrap

Benjamin Obdyke is combining the benefits of its HydroGap drainable
housewrap and the air-sealing benefits of an adhesive backing with the introduction of HydroGap SA, which the company says is the industry’s first and only self-adhered drainable weather-resistive barrier (WRB). HydroGap SA features a 100% continuous acrylic adhesive, developed to provide sealing around cladding fasteners to help maintain the integrity of the air barrier. Benjamin Obdyke spent nearly five years developing HydroGap SA, which the company says is one of the few breathable, fully adhered acrylic adhesives, with a perm rating of 12 that is suitable for all climates. As an acrylic, the adhesive is UV resistant, with an exposure rating of 120 days, and can be installed in temperatures as low as 25º F without a primer. HydroGap SA comes in 80’ long rolls. It includes a 15-year product warranty or a 20-year limited system warranty when used in conjunction with the HydroFlash product line.


Interior PVC Cladding from Palram

From Palram Americas, PVC cladding is designed to be more durable, easier to install, safer, and more sustainable than drywall. Palram’s PVC cladding products are said to be an ideal option for interior cladding projects as they are: Class A fire rated, USDA/FDA compliant, require no special equipment for installation, extremely durable, water-resistant for high-moisture and humidity environments, 100% recyclable, withstand harsh chemicals and repeated cleaning cycles, and inherently resistant to bacteria, mold, and mildew. Palram’s PVC cladding is available in three product lines: Palclad Pro solid PVC panels, Palclad Pro HYG antimicrobial PVC wall cladding system, and Duraclad interlocking multiwall panels.


Milwaukee Tool ONE-KEY

The new ONE-KEY Bluetooth Tracking Tag from Milwaukee Tool allows users to attach a Tag device anywhere, add to their digital inventory, and track objects from a computer, tablet, or smartphone. Once activated, the ONE-KEY app will keep track of the tracker’s last known location, and show a 30-day history of everywhere it has been seen by anyone in the ONE-KEY tracking community. The owner can also identify their equipment even if it cannot be visibly seen, with a new built-in speaker to ring their tag and locate it within 50′. Built-in NFC and a scannable QR code make for a simple 2-step activation, and allow the user to identify a specific item even when the ONE-KEY app is closed. The ONE-KEY Bluetooth Tracking Tag is sold in 1-pack, 2-pack, or 10-pack options.

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