Product Picks: January 2021

Each month, hundreds of products and services vie for industry attention. Here are some that our editors think will interest LBM Journal readers.

Hy-Brid Lifts PS-1930

The new Pro Series PS-1930 from Hy-Brid Lifts is a 19′ scissor lift, the tallest model in the Hy-Brid line. Features include non-fold-down rails and the company’s LeakGuard system. With a platform height of 19′ and a working height of 25′, the PS-1930 is designed for a wide variety of uses including construction, maintenance, and other applications. The lift is said to provide additional height to users while still offering the same characteristics that have become hallmarks of Hy-Brid Lifts. With the new A92.20 standard, the railing heights are increasing. This is causing manufacturers to incorporate folding rails in order to fit through standard doors. Hy-Brid’s approach allows the PS-1930 to fit through standard doors without fold-down rails. The PS-1930 is rated for indoor and outdoor use.


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Simpson Strong-Tie’s Quik Drive Cordless Kits

Designed to improve speed, reliability, and user comfort for a wide variety of fastening applications, the Quik Drive cordless system features quick-loading screw strips, precise countersink adjustment, and the patented Quik Drive autoadvance mechanism. The new Quik Drive cordless kits include a 2,000 rpm DeWalt driver motor with an adapter to connect Quik Drive systems for 20-volt cordless operation. Simpson Strong-Tie has also reduced the weight on extension tubes to offset battery weight. The Quik Drive cordless system is designed to be used for subflooring, decking, and other jobs requiring a high volume of fastener drives. Simpson Strong-Tie has released three Quik Drive cordless kits: the PRO300SG2 decking system, which drives fasteners up to 3″ in length; the PRO250G2 subfloor system, which drives fasteners up to 2-1/2″ in length; and the PRO200SG2
multipurpose system, which drives fasteners up to 2″ in length.


CertaWrap Weather Resistant Barrier

CertaWrap Weather Resistant Barrier provides an added layer of protection against air and moisture damage and is part of the complete CertaWall Weather Deterrence System. CertaWrap Standard Housewrap is a coated poly woven fabric for use in housewrap applications. It controls airflow through the wall and protects against outside water from penetrating the exterior of a home. It’s engineered to resist water while allowing water vapor to pass through and is stabilized to resist degradation. CertaWrap Premium Weather Resistant Barrier carries a lifetime limited warranty and CertaWrap Standard carries a 10-year limited warranty.

EverGuard TPO Quick Spray Adhesive

EverGuard TPO Quick Spray Adhesive from GAF is a sprayable, solvent-based contact adhesive useful for bonding smooth TPO membranes to various substrates. EverGuard TPO Quick Spray Adhesive sprays up to 10 squares (93 square meters) of coverage per canister, and according to the manufacturer allows for faster installation than traditional bonding adhesives. It can be applied at an ambient temperature of 20°F and above for cold weather application.


MoistureShield’s new Cold Brew color

MoistureShield has introduced Cold Brew, a new color designed to be a warm and inviting medium-roast brown to its Vision capped composite decking line. With the addition of Cold Brew, MoistureShield’s Vision now includes six natural colors: Smokey Gray, Spanish Leather, Sandstone, Cathedral Stone, Mochaccino, and Cold Brew. The new Cold Brew, along with Mochaccino and Cathedral Stone, offer the added option of MoistureShield’s proprietary CoolDeck technology, developed to minimize heat absorption by up to 35% versus traditional capped composite boards in a similar color. According to the manufacturer, Vision’s exclusive DiamondDefense Coating creates the strongest cap in the industry, resisting stains, scratches, and damage on impact. The deck boards are available in non-grooved square edge boards and grooved profiles for hidden fasteners, in 12′, 16′, and 20′ lengths with fascia boards in 12′ lengths. MoistureShield decking is backed by a 50-year transferrable structural warranty.


ProVia Premium Enhanced Coloring System

ProVia’s new Premium Enhanced coloring system involves the same steps used in ProVia’s Enhanced process, with the addition of hand-selecting individual stones to receive specialized color, bringing out maximum depth and curb appeal. Premium Enhanced colors include Denali Ridge Cut (shown) and Niagara Terra Cut. Manufactured stone veneer collections can be used individually to add visual interest to a room or home exterior or blended to create a pattern and aesthetic unique to your home.


Ply Gem Home Design Visualizer

Ply Gem’s new web-based tool allows users to transform home exteriors using curated color and material combinations on their own home or using sample home images. The Home Design Visualizer was created to ease the uncertainty that often accompanies exterior color and material selection, the manufacturer says. Designed to be user-friendly, the tool gives contractors a way to guide homeowners through viewing personalized design ideas accurately and instantly. The visualizer also allows contractors to expand their own knowledge of color design, providing higher value to current and prospective customers. The Visualizer allows users to upload an image of a home or choose from a pre-populated library, representing a range of architectural styles. Users can then instantly mask over existing features with curated Ply Gem colors and materials, and toggle between before and after images.


Envision’s expanded Ridge Premium collection

Envision has added a new 20′ long square edge board and 16′ and 20′ grooved edge boards to its Ridge Premium collection of composite decking. The addition makes the collection ideal for more projects in varying sizes and skill levels, the company says. Crafted using Envision’s proprietary Compress Technology, Ridge Premium’s high-density cap and EverGrain Core are physically bonded together with heat and pressure to squeeze out air pockets and create a deep grain appearance. Ridge Premium is available in three colors—Black Walnut, Gunstock, and Vintage Oak. Companion skirting is available in all three colors.


Premium Textured Concrete Sealant from DAP

The new Premium Textured Concrete Sealant from DAP is formulated with a textured finish designed to seamlessly blend with concrete, allowing users to achieve more accurate color matching to common concrete material. According to the manufacturer, the formula combines the extension recovery, elongation, and durability needed to properly move and flex with heavy trafficked concrete surfaces while providing a long-lasting seal that is resistant to cracking. The product can be applied to concrete, mortar, brick, metal, stone, stucco, grout, and textured walls.

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